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Most moms-to-be look forward to getting plenty of sleep during pregnancy and be well rested until the baby arrives. Pregnant women find it hard to sleep because during pregnancy, they are either feeling tensed, apprehensive, and a little fearful or worried or just too excited to have their first baby. At some point of their pregnancy, be it their first, second or third trimester, almost all pregnant women have trouble sleeping soundly.
Progesterone can also slacken your digestive process by relaxing your gastrointestinal tract and causing more gas, bloating, and uncomfortable sensation in your stomach, especially after a big sumptuous meal. Constipation: Another common problem 50% of the pregnant women have at some point during pregnancy is constipation.
Especially cut down on caffeinated food and beverages, alcohol (though it is a big “NO” for a pregnant woman), aerated drinks and chocolates. Second trimester is the best phase, it is called the ‘honeymoon phase of pregnancy’, because you can catch on as much sleep as possible and a peaceful one at that. During pregnancy you'll find that your body seems to be trying to interfere with your ability to get quality sleep no matter what you think will work for you night after night. You are also likely to snort or gasp during pregnancy when you may have swollen nasal passage, putting you to a higher risk of sleep apnea.
Exercising right: Some experts believe that exercising too close to bedtime can interfere with your natural sleep cycle and rob you of your healthy sleep during pregnancy.
As your uterus expands during pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts, stretching out and weakening your abdominal muscles and as a result puts strain on your back. Hormonal changes in pregnancy can adversely affect joints and the ligaments that attach your pelvic bones to your spine.
Leg cramps: Many pregnant women suddenly wake up in the night by leg cramps and excruciating pain.
You'll also suffer from heartburn, leg cramps, and body-aches caused by either the weight you have been carrying or simply because you cannot sleep comfortably in your bed.

Fortunately, it disappears altogether by the time you deliver your baby, if you have developed it during your pregnancy. Theories claim that a rise in estrogen or iron and folate deficiency during pregnancy could cause RLS.
Herbal Remedies: Using herbal remedies is one of the best ways to cure insomnia during pregnancy.
One of the bitter realities during pregnancy is that the most needed good night's sleep becomes elusive for most pregnant women, at some point during their pregnancy. In addition, the changes in the hormonal levels of a pregnant woman bring in lucid dreams that could make her wake up rattled. And if you have been a habitual light sleeper before pregnancy then this would worsen your problems during pregnancy. It is believed that the progesterone levels that shoot up during pregnancy leads to sudden urge to sleep during the day. Basically it tends to happen in the early weeks of pregnancy and generally goes by about the 14th week; although for some it may come and go throughout their pregnancy. The extra line of tissues in your neck and throat due to your heavy weight (if you have) and the one you would gain during your pregnancy can lead to sleep apnea where you may briefly stop breathing and then wake up with a gasp or snort. During pregnancy, due to the high level of estrogen the nasal passage swells causing you to make more mucus.
Leg cramps generally start bothering you in your second trimester and may worsen as your pregnancy progresses and as does your belly expand.
Maybe your skin is sore from being stretched to its limit, or maybe you're just tired of being huge and pregnant. No cause has been identified, but if you already have RLS, it gets aggravated during pregnancy. Choose comfy bed linens that breathe well, and a layer of blankets for those hot flashes you may tend to get for being pregnant or from feeling cold at times.

A pregnant woman who is peaceful and joyous has greater chance of giving birth to a healthy baby. But unluckily most of the women are experiencing insomnia during pregnancy, which has become a quite common phenomenon. If you take proper precautions, it won’t harm you and your baby, and it is quite common in pregnancy period.
Usually the best sleeping position during pregnancy is turning to left, which will not burden the fetal organs by weight, and also naturally optimizes the oxygen flow in the blood.
Nasal membranes may also swell as the amount of blood in your body increases, dilating your blood vessels during pregnancy. The actual cause as to why pregnant women get more cramps in the legs are not yet known, but it happens.It happened to me too. You might also benefit from the fact that there are other pregnant women who are sailing in the same boat as you and get to share your concerns and solutions. But check with your doctor before using these, as some herbal remedies usage may cause problems with usual medications recommended by physician.
Finally, the intake of iron supplements in high doses during pregnancy can make constipation worse! The basic reason behind insomnia during pregnancy is fluctuating hormone levels, which takes place during the pregnancy. Sometimes continued tiredness can lead to changes in sleep patterns of pregnant women during their first trimester.

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