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Causes for sudden ringing in ears, chronic subjective tinnitus - How to DIY

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General educational information about tinnitus (ringing in the ears) from SoundCure, maker of the SoundCure Serenade tinnitus treatment device.
For most people and for most of the time the ringing is not permanent only lasting for a few minutes or maybe up to a day or two. One way to do it is to use an over-the-counter ear wash or drops from your local chemist or drug store and use that to clean your ears in a safe and gentle manner. Something that even some doctors are not aware of is just how many of prescription and over-the-counter drugs can also cause the sudden onset of ear ringing. The thing is that even some of the most commonly used drugs can be a cause of problems for some people. This also means that drugs used to treat inner ear infections such as ototoxic antibiotics can be the thing that causes tinnitus for some people. For some people, a visit to the dentist can be the cause of sudden onset tinnitus particularly where they’ve had something like a difficult tooth extraction.

But it’s not only a visit to the dentist that can produce sudden onset tinnitus, other medical procedures can also have an effect along the same lines. The thing is that for 99% of people who experience sudden onset tinnitus will find that thier hearing will only have been damaged very slightly and hopefully to the point where no permanent damage has occurred and so should return normally with a day or two and certainly within a week. If you’re not familiar with tinnitus, this is where an individual hears a constant sound in one or both ears that, in most cases, are inaudible to anybody else. In these cases the resulting tinnitus can be reduced or alleviated by either reducing the dosage of the drug causing the problem or by changing the medication to one that is more suited to the patient. Some car crash victims have reported the sudden onset of tinnitus after receiving just such an injury.
Surprisingly ultrasound cleaning teeth can also give rise to sudden onset tinnitus particularly where the cleaning takes place on the upper jaw as the bone conducts what is essentially quite a loud sound through to the ear itself.
For instance if you are having an MRI scan or a CAT scan than care should be taken as these machines are excessively noisy — particularly the older models.

If you have been exposed to loud noises recently, then that would be the most likely cause.
The sounds they hear can range in frequency from very low to painfully high and can vary in volume and intensity across the complete spectrum from being barely audible at one extreme and totally destroying the ability for an individual to concentrate at the other. In other cases the cause of the problem can be put down to things like a build up of wax or dirt in the ear canal — just remember though that ears are delicate and it can be dangerous to dig them out with things such as hairpins or toothpicks. In fact you may hear the attendees to such concepts claiming that the concert was so loud they couldn’t hear for days afterwards.

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