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Cause of somatic tinnitus, add online test - Try Out

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However, when a patient has this somatic type of tinnitus, hearing loss is usually not involved. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction in whiplash injuries: association with tinnitus and vertigo.
Somatic tinnitus, therefore, pertains to tinnitus that changes the movement of parts of the body.
That is, if damage to the sensory cells occur, then there are greater chances of getting tinnitus.

The effect of supplemental dietary Taurine on Tinnitus and auditory discrimination in an animal model.
This is the most common of all tinnitus forms, which affects millions of people the world over. It is not just the external noises that can trigger tinnitus; some other internal defects can do so as well. One such cause is damage in the neural connections between the somatosensory and audio systems.

Simultaneous with noting the defects and the symptoms of the person suffering from tinnitus, the age of the person also has to be noted.

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