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Research claims sleepless nights caused by a crying baby is the prime reason for as many as one in three divorces or separations. Another study relied on parents who were employees of the Cleveland Clinic to report the timing of their babies’ tooth eruptions, their temperatures, and other symptoms.
In one of the most carefully conducted studies on teething that’s ever been done, researchers in Brazil sent dentists into the homes of 47 babies every day for eight months. Well, one week after they finished the study, the researchers went back to the mothers and interviewed them about their babies’ teething symptoms.

They found that the moms were likely to report fevers as a symptom of their babies’ teething even when their babies never had fevers during teething.
The American Academy of Pediatrics also warns against the use of topical teething gels containing lidocaine or benzocaine because they can cause local reactions and rare but serious side effects including seizures and brain injuries. Amber teething necklaces can cause choking and strangulation, and there’s little reason to think they work. The fact is that no symptom reliably predicts the eruption of a tooth because babies react differently.

Chances are, though, that even the second bout of diarrhea was caused by something other than teething—but because teething happens so frequently, symptoms of other conditions often coincide with the appearance of new teeth, and the two seem related.

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