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Cannot sleep, a sleepless night - PDF Review

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The best way to find the cause of prolonged sleeplessness is through a process of elimination, and sometimes addition or replacement. Of particular importance in our busy metropolitan area seems to be sleep debt, or lack of sleep. Each of the cycles involve a trip through five stages of sleep, one being REM sleep (rapid eye movement) in which we tend to dream and the body is paralyzed,. However, of greater importance for our current discussion are stages 3 and 4 sleep, or slow wave sleep. Finally, avoid any caffeine intake within a much as 14 hours of sleeping , as caffeine antagonizes deep sleep .
Then in part two of this article we will look at even more practical strategies to help get the most out of a night's sleep, to include preparation and even body position.
This becomes a real problem when we have too many sleepless nights and it becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Studies show that sleep debt is associated with higher blood sugar, along with elevated cortisol levels (a hormone that is associated with muscle wasting and body fat deposition, particularly around the waistline). Some research suggests that memory consolidation happens during REM sleep, and other studies disagree, but it is probably important for some kind of mental repair. This is also called deep sleep, and it is during this phase that much of the muscular and tissue repair and growth occurs, in part due to an increase in HGH, or growth hormone, release. This hormone is essentially the 'deep sleep hormone.' Melatonin creates deep sleep and deep sleep releases HGH. When that happens you need to get to the root of the matter so that you can get back to good sleep and optimal health.
Dement, the father of sleep science, and the students of Stanford Sleep and Dreams so you can sleep healthily and live alertly. Although this title sounds somewhat counter-intuitive, there is good evidence that sleep deprivation is correlated with increased body fat and reduced health as well as the more obvious cognitive and motor impairment leading to accidents.

We understand that the body goes through five distinctive stages of sleep in a cycle, each phase with it's own focus of repair. Many times, if one has sleep apnea, which is having brief periods during the night when you stop breathing, you will be fatigued the next day.
Let's look at some of the ways in which lack of sleep can decrease one's fitness and health.
If that were not enough, lack of sleep tends to alter our endocrine system such that we want to eat more calories per day, and do.

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