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GAD: Emotional SymptomsThe main symptom of GAD is a constant and exaggerated sense of tension and anxiety. Self-Care for GADYou can support your treatment for GAD by making a few simple changes in your habits. Avoid caffeine, street drugs, and even some cold medicines, which can boost anxiety symptoms. And be sure to exercise; there's evidence that moderate physical activity can have a calming effect.
Herbal Remedies for GADAmong herbal remedies, there is some evidence that kava may help ease mild to moderate anxiety.

These can include panic disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social phobia. Panic disorder affects about six million American adults, and it's one of the most treatable of all anxiety disorders.
Rape, abuse, physical assaults, accidents, or a natural disaster can lead to this type of anxiety.
Social Anxiety DisorderPeople with social phobia feel overly panicky and self-conscious in ordinary social situations. The disorder affects 15 million American adults and can be treated with psychotherapy or medications.

Other PhobiasA phobia is an intense fear of something that is not likely to cause you any harm. If an anxiety disorder seems likely, your doctor may recommend medication and refer you to a mental health professional.

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