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Many people assume when buying herbal supplements for the treatment of tinnitus (such as Ginkgo biloba) that most products are pretty much alike. Consumer Labs has tested many nationally recognized brands of Ginkgo biloba and found that less than 23% contained all necessary components to be considered a cliniically effective ginkgo.
There are indeed several high quality ginkgo products sold in the better health food stores. The leaves are extracted using grain ethyl alcohol and water and then processed a second time to remove ginkgolic acids.
Get the 411 on tinnitus including treatment options such as holistic treatments that can cure and prevent tinnitus permanently! If your ears are ringing, hissing, roaring, etc, constantly, it can significantly impact your quality of life especially your ability to concentrate and to sleep soundly. Macular degeneration that leads to adult blindness can be prevented and eyesight improved from taking ginkgo. If your ears are ringing due to tinnitus resulting from cochlear deafness, you should give this herb a try.
If your ears are ringing and it is unrelated to cochlear damage, ginkgo may still be able to help. Adding zinc has also been shown to improve the activity of ginkgo biloba so this is something to consider as well.

For more natural remedies if your ears are ringing, hissing, clicking, etc, this 5-Step natural method to cure and prevent tinnitus may be the solution you need. They will not allow any ginkgo product to be sold in Germany that has over 5 parts per million (PPM) of ginkgolic acid.Arches Tinnitus Formula contains less than 1 PPM of ginkgolic acid, the lowest found on the world market. Ginkgo is also able to stop or decrease the activity of the body’s platelet activation factor (PAF) that is usually present in many processes of the body such as asthma attacks, blood clots, heart attack and stroke, the body’s rejection of a transplanted organ, etc. Deafness can result from damage to the cochlear which is the inner part of the ear that translates external sounds received into electrical signals that are then understood by the brain. Various studies have shown that patients with chronic tinnitus showed improvements after taking this herb. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try ginkgo and see whether it shall work for you especially since ginkgo does help to improve circulation.
While Ginkgo biloba is available in any health food store and many discount stores, individuals with tinnitus should exercise care when selecting a product. Many of the inferior, low priced brands can contain as much as 100 – 1000 PPM of ginkgolic acid.
Arches ginkgo is extracted with ethyl alcohol and water and then treated to remove impurities. One of the best natural cures for this affliction is ginkgo biloba which is derived from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Ginkgo excels at improving blood flow and has been effective for many sufferers of cochlear deafness. Due to the lack of regulation of the herbal and vitamin industry within the United States, most ginkgo products are of inferior quality. It also has a minimum of 7% terpene lactones, which increase circulation within the inner ear. Also, these inferior brands are not manufactured to pharmaceutical standards and can contain other contaminates as well. Perhaps most importantly, it contains a minimum of 3.6% bilobalide which, as discussed above, is responsible for protection of the neuronal circuits in the inner ear. Removing the ginkgolic acid requires a separate manufacturing process that is very expensive… but worth it! This causes the important terpene lactones (essential to tinnitus relief) to be immediately crushed and oxidized – losing all of their potential benefits.

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