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Buzzing sound in head, add symptoms in toddlers - For You

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With the recent release of my two insect sound effects libraries, I would like to describe several of the various events and techniques that I used to record a number of the insects we have here in North Idaho. The deer fly and house fly sounded the same for the most part even though the deer fly was slightly bigger.
Many times I used the Sanken CSS-5 and Audio Technica AT-835ST on the second collection tracked to a Sound Devices 702.
We invited him to do an exclusive article about the making of the library and how he recorded the sounds.

I was able to get a great stereo sound field of them frantically trying to get out the window. This worked in my favor because I was able to record some great bee sounds without being stung, and I was able to capture some crazy bug sounds from insects I have never seen before.
Sometimes they landed upside down, and it made for some wonderful long takes of just buzzing. The high end bump in the frequency response of this mic really made the stink bugs fly by’s sound great and in your face.

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