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Buzzing sound earphones, causes for ringing in the ears and headaches - .

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But I don't see any correlation between the spikes and the terrible buzzing sound and stuttering, which seems to be getting worse. If the jack to the speaker port on my Dell is not pushed tight and anything touched it, it makes a loud sound such as static.. The sound is definitely coming from the speakers, it's not like a physical sound from inside the computer. Sometimes (well, recently alot of times) it freezes completely with a sound buzz (if there was any sound playing at the moment).

Constant buzzing sound with Asus xonar d2xHey, yesterday I went from windows 7 to windows 8, everytime I close a game or a program with sound, this buzzing noise comes, and it wont stop until I restart my PC. Sound Card IssuesEvery 5 days or so, my sound card will have a bad day, and all noise coming through my headset will be distorted and static-like. The last few days I have had this AWFUL buzzing sound accompanied by what seems to be a frame or so of lag when playing video games, watching Youtube videos, or watching windows media player videos.
The problem goes away when I mute my sound, but this buzzing can be heard while booting as well.

It sounds like the buzzing sound when you get a blue screen of death and it occurs about every 30 seconds.

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