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The problem usually is either one side stops work due to headphones falling on the ground too many times or the whole headphones working like they are going to die which happens from pulling the cable when I forget I have them on.
Update: Please read our updated buying guide on the best noise canceling headphones of 2014. Best NC Headphone for Seasoned Music Lovers: Rarely do you stumble upon a pair of headphones that are sonically tuned to perfection for every music genre, especially in the noise-cancellation category. Best All-Purpose NC Headphone: Superior build quality and sound engineering best define Polk Audio’s bass blasters. I have bought a new pair of headphones EVERY WEEK from yes albeit the reject shop for between $2-$12 but every single time one side loses sound quality or both sides diminish to such a point that I can only hear music and no voice or the other way around with weird squeaking. A stainless steel frame with aluminum accents provides the opulent feel most audiophies desire from a top-of-the-line headphone, but it’s the manufacturer’s “Optimized Active Tuning” system found in the 40mm dynamic balance drivers that steals the spotlight by generating 15dB of noise cancellation.
From pioneering audio staples to buzzing newcomers, these are the noise cancelers worth turning your ears to.

But if your headphones are breaking every three months, you’re likely doing something wrong.
Some headphones may be built for durability, but each headphone still has its own breaking point. We’ve all been there when someone wants us to come downstairs (or upstairs), or we get up to use the bathroom, only to have the headphone cable snap them off our heads and they crash to the floor. Back in high school and through college, I used to toss my earbuds (and sometimes my headphones) straight into my backpack between classes. Extreme Volumes Maybe your headphones are still operational in both ears, but when you play music or video you hear a constant buzzing noise. Even the most expensive headphones will experience general wear and tear over time regardless of how well you work to prevent physical damage.
You might think it’s a problem with the source, which it could be, but if it’s happening all the time, then you know that the issue is with the headphone cups (or earbuds).

Of course, higher quality headphones may be more resistant to this sort of problem due to higher quality construction, but it’s always something of which to be wary.
Of course, there are affordable headphones that aren’t bad, but in general, the durability tends to improve with higher price points. Conclusions Headphones have a reputation for being an electronic piece that warrants regular replacement, but truth be told, that reputation is both unfair and undeserved. If you just take a few extra steps in your care and handling of headphones, you can actually prolong the lifespan by a noticeable amount. I’ve bought numerous headphones and earbuds from $1 to $100 and they’ve all lasted me at least three years thanks to these steps.

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