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The final design is comprised of four defining elements that make Hush a truly comfortable fit: an angled design that follows the natural curve of the ear canal, heat-sensitive memory foam that molds to your individual ears, silicone padding to provide an ergonomic cushion, and a curved exterior that allows freedom to roll around while sleeping.
The initial idea came to the Three Daniels when they were in college, and had to deal with roommates constantly throwing parties while all they wanted was a good night's rest. Generally bugs crawl or fly into the ear canal and this possibly occurs while sleeping on the ground or during outdoors such as camping.
Suction is a method which has also proved to be helpful in removing the bug from the ear in some cases.
Whether you are student with nocturnal roommates, traveling next to a screaming baby, or just can't get your phone to stop buzzing, Hush, the world's first smart earplugs, are for you. They combine noise-cancelling earplugs, sound eliminating foam, and an app that produces and controls sound to isolate listeners from their surrounding environments while still keeping them connected to the outside world by letting pre-selected smartphone notifications filter through.

3D printing allowed them to create and test hundreds of shapes to find the ideal design that would accommodate a broad range of ears. However, when it comes to sleeping, earplugs are uncomfortable and have physical limitations—sound can still enter through the eardrum by conducting through your bones.
The app includes several soothing sounds, including white noise, brown noise, pink noise, ocean wave, rain fall, and others. The design innovation extends to the case itself, which is small, light, and doubles as a charger. Loud buzzing sound and movements of the bug often result in pain and create discomfort for the patient. The notification filter allows users to control which alerts to let through while they sleep, blocking out the unimportant ones, such as game notifications or calls from specific contacts.

Forceps can be used to hold the paperclip to get more stability and control while performing this.
In addition, the alarm clock and all notifications are limited to your ears only, meaning that those around you won't be bothered. I have trouble sleeping when I hear noise, but I'm afraid to use earplugs because I need to be able to hear my alarm.

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