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Again, you have to remember when the sensation in the ear started and you refer to the appropriate period of time to get an interpretation of the ear incidence.
I am not sure what exactly this sensation is like as it is not described, and I wonder if those occasional itch in the ears are classified under this.
These signs and omens are meant as a simple interpretation of why ringing in the ears happen, but they are not to be taken as totally true.

To get the meaning of a sign or omen from ringing in the ears – the ringing happens only once or twice at most, and the time is noted for reference to the guide above. These were taken from the Tung Shu, The Ancient Chinese Almanac which dates back to thousands of years ago from China, when physical sensations in our body were interpreted for fortune telling! In Chinese Traditional Medicine, ringing in the ears is a sign of body heatiness and when we take cooling stuff to cool the body (balancing), the ringing should go away.

She says that the burning usually means someone is talking about her, just like when you get hiccups, someone is remembering you.

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