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Buzzing in ears during meditation, depression in children - Reviews

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However, as we progress and grow deeper and deeper into our meditation, we quieten the mind at a very subtle level and thus truly begin to connect with our inner self. I did have same ringings in ears like you so one night I did go sleep and (now you will say I am crazy but here you go ) I fall asleep and in dream I met some teacher or something like that, I could not remember what he said I was stuck just with images and woke up with loud ringing so I wrote down what I saw (in images was ringing in the ears meditation 3 upper chakras).
Few days later i was thinking about that images and then it cross my mind to listen that sound during meditation.

I always hear that sound to but recently when I was meditating I heard this other sound sort of like a switch which made it loud . I no longer hear the sounds or have any of those experiences, as I quit meditating so much, because I was becoming reclusive, antisocial, and depressed ( I was finding it difficult to connect with everyday people). I too have heard this sound, and I can hear it even when not in meditation at times (I don’t have any issues with my hearing other than a bit of hearing loss).

While in meditation I have also heard sounds; such as the sound of crickets chirping, the sound of a shell when you put it next to your ear, and sometimes I even hear chanting or music.

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