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Human Senses Pictures Hair cells within the inner ear contain bundles of hair-like extensions that convert sound. The sound of an ambulance siren at 120 decibels is about 1 trillion times more intense than the weakest sound our ears can hear. I’ve stumbled upon a very interesting article here that describes the risks we expose ourselves while going to concerts or very loud events.
Tinnitus is a neurological problem that originates in the brain, involving miscommunication between noise-damaged sensory cells; the result is a continuous ringing sound in the ears.
I understand your point very well, there are always parties, meetings, exhibitions, where volume exceeds greatly, and worse, to touch you luck in these aforementioned events, that will locate near the speakers, discomfort as symptoms start, and gradually headache, this is already a sign to avoid noise at all costs. Doctors are discovering that this is because the problem may go much deeper than ringing in the ear drums. Well, I am not saying that it wasn’t nice, but sometimes the speakers were so loud that I felt my ear hurt and I covered my ears.

This organisation should also make the people aware of this since early years of biology in schools.
I have been to the concerts and fucking childrens confirmation parties (like 7 year olds running around) and you are 100% right about the noise levels. Because it was incredibly clean and transparent and lacked distortions (which are very harmful to the eardrum), I didn’t notice as first that I was listening to loud. The noises around you were muffled briefly, replaced with a buzzing inside your head, almost as if your ears were screaming.
The noise causes permanent damage to the sound-sensitive cells of the cochlea, a spiral-shaped organ in the inner ear. My father, brother and I are the only ones that keep the foam EAR plugs in our pockets all the time.
When I say they are behind the speakers, I mean that literally, as they usually stand behind them and sometimes with headphones on their ears.

It is often worse when background noise is low, so you may be most aware of it at night when you’re trying to fall asleep in a quiet room.
Without hair cells, there is nothing for the sound to bounce off, like trying to make your voice echo in the desert.Hair cells reside in the inner ear inside the shell-shaped cochlea.
Well, I must insist that I have dozens of examples where some of my other friends found the volume too loud as well, going outside with me because they could not stand the sound pressure.
When sound waves travel through the ears and reach the hair cells, the vibrations deflect off the stereocilia, causing them to move according to the force and pitch of the vibration.

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