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Spectrum is a statewide service in Victoria that supports and works with local Area Mental Health Services to provide treatment for people with personality disorder. Clinical practice guideline management borderline, Table of contents clinical practice guideline for the management of borderline personality disorder v national health and medical research council. Summaries for consumers crisis interventions for people with borderline personality disorder. Melbourne counselling and psychotherapy provides treatment for all types of anxiety including OCD. The fact that many people with BPD also experience comorbid mental and physical health problems contributes to making treatment and management of BPD very difficult at times, particularly when contact with the health service is long term, intermittent or crisis-focused.
While 60% of people with BPD also experience major depressive disorder, 30% experience panic disorder with agoraphobia and 10% experience Bipolar 1 disorder (Bateman, 2011), the combination of diagnoses that probably creates the most significant challenges for practitioners is BPD with co-occurring substance use disorder. If you are working in a primary care setting, the PDF opposite outlines the primary care treatment recommendations for people with BPD and substance use disorder may be useful. Most practitioners find the most stressful aspects of working with people who have BPD are the assessment, management and treatment of consumers who are actively suicidal or at high risk of self harm. Some practitioners display a sense of hopelessness about people with BPD, the potential efficacy of treatment and their capacity as mental health workers to help.
It might be helpful to consider some of the commonly held beliefs (opposite) that exist around BPD and its treatment, and compare these with the truths borne out of evidence and clinical experience.

Regardless of the model of care, the role of the professional within the treatment team or their level of experience, team members will benefit from ensuring that mechanisms for reflective practice and regular clinical supervision are incorporated into their way of working. Spectrum focuses on those who are at risk from serious self-harm or suicide and who have particularly complex needs.ANNOUNCNG NEW MODEL OF CAREFrom 2015 Spectrum will continue to receive referrals for clients between the age of 16 to 64 for direct clinical treatment from Area Mental Health Service Clinicians, a limited range of services can now be accessed by a GP’s or Private Psychiatrists in Victoria. It is one of the six specific personality disorder types to be defined in the upcoming DSM-5.
While 13% of people with BPD are identified as having substance use disorder (and actual rates could be as high as 80%), up to 65% of substance users in treatment meet the criteria for BPD. A designated case coordinator, who maintains open lines of communication with all members of the treatment team and ensures a coordinated approach, will benefit collaboration and ensure consistent empathic responses to the person's needs. It could also be because there are a lack of appropriate treatment services and not enough trained practitioners (Stevenson, Datyner, Boyce & Brodaty, 2010; NHMRC, 2012, p34).
Be aware of this as you discuss diagnosis with consumers whilst also sharing the good news that treatment for BPD is available and effective. Other mental health disorders associated with BPD include eating disorders (specifically bulimia nervosa) and post traumatic stress disorder. Developing skills that help to contain the person's treatment interfering behaviours, not only helps clients to feel safe, but it also increases the clinician’s feelings of effectiveness and competence.
Prevalence, correlates, disability and comorbidity of DSM-IV Borderline Personality Disorder: Results from the Wave 2 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions.

Clinical practice guideline for the management of borderline personality disorder in Australia. The effect of age on prevalence, type and diagnosis of personality disorder in psychiatric inpatients. Effectiveness of Education Programs in Changing Clinicians’ Attitudes Toward Treating Borderline Personality Disorder. Suicidal behavior in borderline personality disorder: Prevalence, risk factors, prediction, and prevention.
See Professional Development Pages of this websiteBOOK SALE!Spectrum's highly regarded book 'Borderline Personality Disorder - Towards Effective Treatment' is now on sale. Other NewsNHMRC 2012 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Borderline Personality DisorderOn 15 March 2013 the National Health and Medical Research Council launched Australia’s first ever Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Borderline Personality Disorder.

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