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Bipolar treatment in pregnancy, ringing in my ears for days - .

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Women with bipolar disorder have a higher rate of depression both antepartum and postpartum, and while that obviously poses risks to the mother, depression during pregnancy also causes risks to the fetus. Of course, therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are an option for women experiencing bipolar depression while pregnant. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is also an option for pregnant women experiencing severe bipolar depression.
Depression can be a severe state and is experienced both before and directly after pregnancy more frequently by women with bipolar as compared to women who do not suffer from bipolar disorder.
Award-winning writer specializing in bipolar disorder, depression, pharmacology and other mental health issues. While depression is diagnosed in the same way both in unipolar and bipolar depression, as subtype known as atypical depression is more common in bipolar depression.
Because depression is present in both major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder, some are confused about the differences between the two. Medications bipolar disorder - webmd, Webmd provides links for information about medications and treatments for bipolar disorder..
Bipolar disorder - diagnosis, treatment, coping, Bipolar disorder affects every aspect of life.
Pregnancy is a pretty traumatic event for a body to go through, even for the healthiest of women.
And on top of that, whatever meds I might be taking now would likely have to be discontinued during pregnancy.
So between the trauma of pregnancy, the horrors of post-partum and medication, the unfairness of genetics and the reality of parenting, there is just no way to have a child.

If you’re interested in more on pregnancy and mental illness, see Medscape Reference and the Mayo Clinic.
I wonder if non bipolar people might wander across your post and stumble off and blindly spit out to other people, “oh those bipolars can’t have children!
While there is a scarcity of data on medication use in pregnancy, here is what is recommended:Lurasidone - no specific testing has been done on lurasidone during pregnancy but it's thought that the general information about antipsychotics in pregnancy applies. ECT is considered a safe and effective treatment in this case and may be effective with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder as well.
If medications are used during pregnancy, there are risks to the fetus that can require prolonged hospitalization and intensive-care unit management.
She specializes in bipolar disorder, depression, pharmacology and other mental health issues. Also, while dealing with bipolar there is usually what they call a "cocktail" meaning trial a…nd error of several medications and perhaps being on more than one medication to balance the brain chemistry. Every bipolar woman should have a plan in place for during pregnancy and most of all, aftercare. Considering these risks, it's important that depression either during or after pregnancy be effectively treated. And if you don’t think it’s going to have an impact on bipolar disorder or depression, you’re just not thinking straight.
Therapy and ECT may be better options for pregnant women as they are not thought to pose similar risks to the fetus. I did recover though and in this pregnancy, am on my 2 main medications, one being Lithium.

I don’t think anyone woman with bipolar should be put off having children if they want them by one article.
I remember reading this article when I was pregnant and finding it upsetting and I left a comment with my two cents and somebody commented back basically saying I’m glad your pregnancy is going well but if you had another serious illness that you could pass on to your children would you still have them.
I, like Natasha, would never tell someone what to do but would I will say is please respect and support the choices that people with bipolar make, whatever their position.
Just because I or anyone with bipolar doesn’t necessarily mean there children are going to have bipolar.
Maybe not out of the bed on that day, but enough to make the decision to see my psych and not throw the box of tissue at his peering eyes, and never touch treatment again. If you can’t be 100% about the commitment to treatment, then yes you are an unfit mother.
Normally, a psychiatrist will only prescribe an SSRI along with a mood stabilizer (Lithium, Depakote) for one with bipolar disorder. I'm starting to wonder, however, if this isn't the drug for me or if I'm treatment-resistant.

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