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Bipolar manic depression disability, ring relief tinnitus - Review

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Bipolar disorder, previously known as manic-depressive disorder, is a mental illness categorized by cyclic periods of extreme euphoria or mania, most often followed by periods of extreme depression. There are currently four main classifications of bipolar disorder including Bipolar I, Bipolar II, Bipolar NOS and Cyclothymia. Bipolar disorder also falls into ‘rapid cycling’, which is when the moods of mania and depression cycle back and forth and ‘mixed effective episodes’, when symptoms of a manic state and depressive state are experienced at the same time.
Symptoms of mania can include rushed speech, short attention span, sleeplessness, racing thoughts, impaired judgment and unusual behavior. Symptoms of depression can include deep sadness, fatigue, isolation, guilt, hopelessness and anxiety. Bipolar disorder itself is not a solitary mood disorder, but a category of many mood disorders.

Bipolar I is diagnosed if the patient has one episode of extreme mania, with or without a depressive period. Oftentimes when people are experiencing mania they will engage in substance abuse, increased and unsafe sexual activity, aggressiveness and fall into grandiose, delusional ideas about themselves. Studies suggest that there are many factors that contribute to the disease, from early childhood environment, neurobiology and genetics. Since moods are oftentimes up and down for most people, to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder the patient must experience four or five symptoms of mania for at least a week. Bipolar II is diagnosed if the patient has a less extreme manic episode, called hypomania, followed by at least one major depressive episode.
In later stages of mania the patient may experience psychotic delusions, hallucinations and rage.

Depressive states are also usually accompanied by social anxiety, chronic pain and lack of motivation. Cyclothmia is diagnosed when the patient has a history of hypomania along with periods of depressive episodes that are not categorized as majorly depressive. During Cyclothmia a person has less extreme cases of mania and depression, but they are both experienced in a cycling of moods, changing back and forth on a consistent basis. Bipolar Disorder (NOS), meaning Not Otherwise Specified, is the classification used when bipolar disorder is diagnosed, but does not fall into one of the three previous categories.

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