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For many people with bipolar disorder, holding down a job can be one of the most challenging aspects of the condition.
However, plenty of people with bipolar disorder have their condition under control and function at a very high level at work, stresses Prossin. While certain medications are designed to help keep bipolar disorder under control, you could also benefit from non-pharmaceutical therapies like interpersonal and social rhythm therapy (IPSRT) — a type of therapy designed to help people with bipolar disorder structure their lives better by maintaining daily routines.
Even for people who love their job and their colleagues, most careers involve stress — and stress plays a huge role in triggering mania symptoms or bipolar disorder cycling. Inconsistent sleep schedules alter circadian rhtyms and have been found to trigger episodes in people who have mood disorders, including bipolar disorder, according to a research review published in August 2013 in the journal Biological Psychiatry.
Getting an adequate amount of z's on a regular basis is part of the daily structure that underlies career success for people with bipolar disorder.

If your bipolar disorder is well-controlled and you’re able to manage or avoid mania symptoms, you may never need to tell a supervisor about your illness, notes Prossin. From happy hour with your office mates to business luncheons and holiday parties, alcohol sometimes seems like a vital part of the typical workplace dynamic — but most people with bipolar disorder benefit when they skip the cocktails. Many people with bipolar disorder have less than predictable patterns of onset, says Prossin, but if you can identify depression or mania symptoms early, you might be able to get additional treatment or make lifestyle changes that prevent a manic episode. People with bipolar disorder have more problems managing their illness with a schedule that requires working nights, switch shifts, or long hours that impact sleep. For example, Prossin says, some people with bipolar disorder bank sick hours so they can take time off and rest before stress triggers an episode. Alcohol use is linked to an increased risk of suicide, attempted suicide, and crime among people with bipolar disorder, according to research published in August 2014 in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Remember: Managing bipolar disorder on a daily basis is both a life and career success strategy. Whether you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or suspect that you might be experiencing more extreme mania symptoms or depressive cycles than your peers, seek treatment — ASAP. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission designates mental health conditions, including bipolar disorder (with the proper documentation), as legally protected disabilities. Touch base with your physician if you have concerns about managing bipolar medication side effects.

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