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This site was created to provide hope, support, and insight to those who are affected by bipolar disorder and mental illness; Also including support and educational information for caregivers and loved ones. Bipolar disorder is considered a mental illness where those affected with the disorder will experience alternating periods of elation (mania) and depression. It should be noted that not one person will experience bipolar disorder in the same way as another person will.
Living with bipolar disorder, or any mental illness, can make it seem as though life is impossible, unfair, or feel as though one’s life has been completely taken away from them at times. Yours is the first blog I’ve come across meant to inform the public about bipolar illness, affirm and support those with the illness, while creating an open forum on the disease. Outstanding post, it is always so comforting when people mention specific things I go through with my disorder. Bipolar not only affects a person emotionally, but it can also affect a person physically as well.
Everyone who lives with bipolar disorder has their own set of symptoms, triggers, and will even react very differently to medications than others might.

I only wish my mother had lived to see the growing support for manic depressives on the web and the slow but sure eroding of the stigma. But now we have gone from only having a weak evidence base to having evidence with statistical significance,” Morriss says.“It confirms that antidepressants should not be used alone and also that these drugs are not effective for bipolar depression, which needs to be treated in a distinct way,” he adds. Some may only experience half or a few bipolar symptoms whereas another may experience almost all of the symptoms of this disorder. I am always super excited to read about people who are trying to get a conversation going about mental illness or mood or personality disorders. These are normal feelings to experience when having a mental illness such as bipolar disorder. The disorder is characterised by cycles of mania and depression with complete or incomplete recovery in between.
One of my close friends has bipolar disorder and I myself have C-PTSD and so I can relate from many perspectives.
Medication used to treat the condition varies depending on which part of the disease cycle the patient is in and whether they are already taking medication for the condition.For bipolar depression, the recommended first-line treatments are fluoxetine with olanzapine, or monotherapy with another atypical antipsychotic, quetiapine.

Irritability and anxiety is commonly seen in bipolar patients experiencing a mixed episode.
After symptoms resolve, these drugs should be continued for another four weeks at which point long-term drug treatment options should be considered.Lithium continues to be the go-to drug for the long-term management of bipolar disorder, because it still has the best evidence base, says Morriss.
Olanzapine, quetiapine and valproate are recommended as second-line treatments if there is no response or only a partial response to lithium.The guideline states the importance of non-pharmacological therapy, such as psychological treatments, including cognitive behavioural therapy. Psychological therapy could be used on its own for milder cases of bipolar depression, adds Morriss.Psychological interventions form the cornerstone of therapy for adolescents and children in the new guideline as bipolar drug treatments can have a damaging effect on children’s growth and development.

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