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While it certainly isn’t always the case, people like this are sometimes suffering from a serious mood disorder called bipolar disorder or manic depression.
Bipolar disorder affects between 1 and 2 per cent of the adult population and is increasingly being diagnosed in adolescents. During episodes of depression, people with bipolar disorder exhibit the same symptoms found in major depression. Mood shifts in bipolar disorder can be triggered by life events, but often seem to occur for no observable reason.
It is uncertain exactly what causes bipolar disorder, but strong genetic links have been identified. Bipolar disorder usually lasts for the individual’s entire adult life and requires continuous treatment in order to prevent recurring mood episodes.
While medication is usually necessary for individuals with bipolar disorder, simple lifestyle modifications can also help avoid triggering mood changes.
If you think you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder, speak with your family doctor about it.

Because of the extreme and risky behavior that goes with bipolar disorder, it is very important that the disorder be identified. Once treated, many people with bipolar disorder can go back to normal routines without experiencing the disturbing symptoms. If a bipolar patient is treated with standard antidepressants there is a risk that the medication will trigger a shift into mania, a mixed state or rapid cycling between mania and depression.
Between the mood swings, people with bipolar disorder are able to function normally, hold a job, and have a normal family life. Bipolar disorder can cause major disruption of family and finances, loss of job, and marital problems.
However, as the disease progresses, the individual’s brain may become sensitized so that no trigger is needed in order for a shift to occur. This is why a complete history is necessary for a doctor to correctly diagnose either depression or bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a long-term illness that will require proper management for the duration of a person’s life.

Suicidal thoughts or attempts can also sometimes affect those with bipolar disorder during depressive episodes. This disease is called bipolar disorder because the mood of a person with bipolar disorder can alternate between two completely opposite poles, euphoric happiness, and extreme sadness. Speaking of age, most people start showing signs of bipolar disorder in their late teens (the average age of onset is 21 years). Bipolar disorder may not be properly diagnosed until the sufferer is 25-40 years of age, at which time the pattern of symptoms may become clearer.

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