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Better sleep pillow, describe the symptoms and causes of tinnitus - .

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When your hands go numb in the middle of the night, you feel a strange kind of discomfort and your sleep gets disturbed. The Better Sleep Pillow helps you sleep in a natural position for your body because it is exclusively developed with a recessed portion for your arm along the entire length of the pillow and through the underside. Uniquely designed with a lateral recess along the entire length of the pillow and a center tunnel for alternative arm positions. Also, this memory foam pillow provides total support to your body and healthy spinal posture to promote better circulation and eliminates morning stiffness.
Aligns your neck and spine properly, keeping your airways open, reducing snoring and sleep apnea.

One of the reasons for which one may experience numbness in the hands during sleep is wrong sleeping position.
The recess supports your arm, head and neck, reducing the pain caused by frozen shoulder or rotator cuff injuries, eliminating numbness and tingling, or arm sleep that usually takes place in the night. We found an innovative product that could help you when you have problems with sleeping position and your hands are often numb. Created to maximize your comfort, the Better Sleep Pillow has a unique design that has been developed by doctors focusing on maintaining you comfortable.
Now you can enjoy the benefits of the most comfortable multi-functional doctor-approved pillow.

In fact, the Better Sleep Pillow is the single multi-position contour pillow available on the market currently.

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