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Thank you again!” This is just one testimonial of the thousands of happy sleepers Fox Mattress has helped since 1968. With more than half of Americans between the ages of 25-55 struggling to sleep at night, and more research pointing to the dangers of sleep debt for any age, it’s safe to say sleep — or lack therof – has big consequences, both for our health and well-being. Follow Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s board Better Sleep Month on Pinterest. These holistic tips will help improve your sleep and have zero side effects - no sleeping pills here! Acupuncture - If you have a more serious case of insomnia, studies have shown better sleep efficiency and lower anxiety levels in those treated with acupuncture. Activity - Having a good workout session in the afternoon, wearing out your body a bit and working out some stress will help you sleep better that night.

Use Better Sleep Month as an opportunity to promote services your patients may not know about - like appliances.
If you or someone you know is having difficulty sleeping at night, let them know that a restful night is possible.
For Better Sleep Month, check out a podcast or webcast on Dental Treatment for Sleep Apnea. From higher risk of obesity to the development of psychiatric disorders and heart conditions, losing sleep impacts us in a big way. All those indicator lights on televisions, computers, alarm clocks and other devices can make it hard to find your way to sleepy darkness. Let patients know about non-invasive solutions that can help them or their loved ones who complain of sleep problems.

Add to that bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and overeating before bed, and you’ve got a recipe for one very sleepless America.
Let us know if you’ve found any other tips to help get a good night’s sleep in the comments. Whether you can help with night grinding, snoring or mild sleep apnea, send an announcement to peak their interest for a consultation.

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