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These infographics from American Infographic on Tumblr shows the best and worst sleep positions and the benefits and drawbacks of each. This exotic-sounding herbal supplement is commonly used throughout South America for help with sleep and relaxation—it's even found in some sodas.
The information presented on this website is not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis. Sleep experts often say you should avoid working out in the evenings because it can take hours for adrenaline—that exciting hormone that surges during exercise—to return to normal levels.
A nightcap, tempting though it may be when you can’t sleep, can actually ruin your slumber—and that’s especially true for women. Many a joke has been made about how quickly men conk out after sex—but there’s actually a good reason for it.
It’s a tough sell, we know, but regular meditation may be a powerful tool for some insomniacs. Acute and chronic insomnia can lead to severe sleep loss, which can have both short-term and long-term consequences. Avoid substances that can make insomnia worse.[1] Certain substances can make insomnia worse, so if you suffer from acute or chronic insomnia, the first step in curing your condition is avoiding these substances. Try acupuncture.[3] A skilled acupuncturist can use the practice to target key areas of your body responsible for your insomnia. Acupuncture can increase nighttime melatonin production, which can help treat patients with anxiety-induced insomnia. Acupuncture can also relieve chronic pain often linked to cases of chronic insomnia or sleeplessness. Lavender is one of the best natural sleep aids around, but you can also try spikenard, vetiver, frankincense, myrrh, and clary sage. Undergo cognitive behavior therapy.[5] Talk to a professional therapist about cognitive behavior therapy designed for chronic insomnia. Additionally, since CBT targets the underlying conditions leading to your insomnia, you may have more success in curing your insomnia long-term by using it. Note that some insomnia medications can be habit-forming and may come with unpleasant side effects, including low blood pressure, nausea, anxiety, daytime drowsiness, and sleepwalking. Additional prescription medications used to treat insomnia include diazepam, lorazepam , and quazepam.

Mental conditions responsible for insomnia can include depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and chronic anxiety. Medical problems linked to insomnia include asthma, allergies, hyperthyroidism, acid reflux, cancer, kidney disease, chronic pain, and Parkinson's disease. Certain medications can also cause insomnia, including antidepressants, corticosteroids, thyroid hormone, diuretics, and blood pressure medications.
Meet Matt, a wikiHowian from Canada who has been active in the wikiHow community for 4 years. People with this type of insomnia (DSPS) often do not respond well to sleeping pills, which have no effect on the brain’s awareness of day and night, and make it likely that a person will become dependent on medication. If you suffer from a less severe version of this type of insomnia, like having trouble falling asleep for an hour or two after you go to bed, you may get real help very quickly, perhaps in just a day or two, using bright light therapy while you eat breakfast. If you're looking for alternate ways to induce the zzz's, here are some natural remedies that can help lull you into dreamland. We especially like gentle forward bends, corpse pose, and happy baby pose—and though the science is murky as to why, many yoga teachers recommend inversions, such as shoulder stand, especially if you’re feeling anxious. For milder insomnia, you can usually cure the condition by implementing a few different lifestyle remedies. If you find it hard to get comfortable in bed at night, only use your bed for sleeping and sex. It may take a little while before you notice the effects, but this works well as a long-term cure for insomnia.
Your insomnia may make it harder to stay awake during the day, but in order to cure your insomnia, you will need to cut napping from your life.
When performed in the morning or afternoon, exercise can give you energy for the rest of the day, allowing you to do more and wear yourself down more by nightfall. Heavy meals packed with calories are especially bad for insomnia because your digestive system and body has to work harder to process that food while you sleep.
Insomnia often disappears if you can drown out distracting noises and make things nice and dark.
If you lie in bed for a while only to find yourself more awake then ever, get up and go do something. An over-the-counter antihistamine is generally used to treat allergies, but antihistamines also cause drowsiness, which may help you fall asleep if you suffer from acute insomnia.

He’s an Admin, New Article Booster, and Featured Author, and he has started 25 articles and reviewed over 82,000 edits on the wiki for accuracy and helpfulness. Past studies have found a correlation between yoga practice and decreased symptoms of insomnia, including one study from Harvard Medical School researchers, who found that daily 30- to 45-minute yoga sessions significantly improved symptoms for those suffering from chronic insomnia. Before you write this off as another of life’s unsolvable problems (or, let’s be honest, just reach for the sleeping pills again) read on.
If you’re upset about something, reach for some organic essential oils with high concentrations of lavender, says Hope Gillerman, certified aromatic healer and the creator of the cult line H.
For moderate to severe insomnia, you may need to try medical solutions or alternative medicine in order to cure the condition completely. It can take hours for adrenaline to wear off, and as a result, moderate to intense exercise done in the evening can actually make it harder for you to sleep. Consult with your doctor to determine if medication is necessary and which might be the best for you. The best way to cure your insomnia is to cure or treat the underlying condition causing it.
As it turns out, simple tweaks to your all-day routine can prep you for a much better night’s sleep.
One study found that insomniacs who picked up a regular exercise routine slept better, felt less depressed, and had more energy all day. Hold each tensed muscle group for 10 seconds before relaxing and moving on to the next group.
Women produce more oxytocin than do men—which can be a recipe for a good night’s sleep for you, too.
Just get comfortable, take deep breaths through your nose, and let your mind go quiet for a while. It has a calming effect and can be used during the day for anxiety as well." As with any alternative medication, be sure to talk to your doctor before using.

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