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Becoming angry when drunk, fatigue meaning in english - Try Out

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In other words: prudent people may be less likely to become angry or violent when they're drunk.
Before participating, the participants were screened for any past or present drug, alcohol and psychiatric-related problems. Half the partici­pants then received enough alcohol mixed with orange juice to make them legally drunk, and the other half received a drink with a very tiny amount of alcohol in it. Whether this is because communication is breaking down, social etiquette is being phased out or assholes are just breeding more often, anger seems to be on the upswing, and scientists are furiously scrambling to find out why. Some of us are happy drunks, and some of use are I'm-going-to-order-a-pizza-and-eat-the-entire-thing-in-my-underwear drunks.

Dickheads First Bangor University's School of Psychology has spent a good deal of time researching the reason why so much more energy seems channeled into anger instead of happiness, and why angry people get more attention than the positive ones. When the Bangor scientists studied the section of the brain that responds to angry, happy or neutral faces, they found something interesting: This area is also tied closely to areas of the brain associated with survival instincts--like your fight or flight reflexes. When you detect anger in your vicinity, your facial recognition center suddenly lights, allowing you to better detect possible threats. Or, as one researcher puts it, "The ability to remember who is angry may have been of evolutionary importance in enabling us to respond to a threat situation. Remembering who's happy is less important as it bears no relation to our own immediate safety." As a side effect of this--our brains being wired to pay more attention to anger--any pissed off dickhead who is otherwise irrelevant, will still seem much more important to you than a reasonable person who should otherwise take priority.

Drunken Fury You may want to sit down for this one: Scientists believe they may have found a link between alcohol and aggressive behavior.

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