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Ayurvedic medicine for insomnia, tinnitus video - Review

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The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine system there are many ayurvedic herbals drugs which are very good for treatment of Insomnia(anidra). Records show that the herb has been medicinally used in the 16th century in India to treat nervousness, trembling, delirium tremens (acute delirium), headaches and heart palpitations. Tagara is popular in North America, Europe and Japan and is widely used to treat insomnia and anxiety.

Insomnia is a condition in which patients suffers from lack of sleep, there may be several reasons for insomnia like ill health, stress, psychological, social, anxiety. Recommended dose One capsule, twice a day after meals.Jiva Sleep-Well Tablets Active ingredients are Jyotishmati increases the retention power and is very effective in controlling brain disorders, Petha(white gourd) also strengthens the brain, increases retention power and is very effective in controlling insomnia.
Direction for uses To be taken on empty stomach with milk or after breakfast with water, & in the evening after dinner with water or milk. Dosage 1-2 tabs, twice daily.Sleep Deep- Jatamamsi Rasayana A Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Dietary Supplement for Insomnia, Sleeplessness, Restlessness, Relaxation, Anxiety, and Depression Direction for uses Eat directly from the jar or dissolve 1 level teaspoon per 50 lbs.

Note: As these medicines are herbal and considered safe for use if taken properly as per prescriptions.

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