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How to qualify: Careers in audiology and speech-language pathology require an undergraduate degree, as well as a master’s degree in either field. Outlook: According to Employment and Social Development Canada, audiologists and speech-language pathologists (part of the “therapy and assessment professionals” occupation class) should find a fairly balanced job market into 2020, with the number of job seekers nearly matching the number of available positions over the next few years. Mediplacements offer a vast array of work opportunities for Audiologists which are updated on our website daily.
Whether you're interested in temporary or permanent Audiology work; please search our Audiology vacancies by region, then filter accordingly by grade and specialty. If you can't find a suitable vacancy right now please check back, submit a fast-track application or register for Audiology job alerts. Established in 1995, Mediplacements is a leading healthcare recruitment specialist, providing temporary and permanent Audiology jobs throughout the UK. Whether you're looking for a temporary Audiology job or permanent Audiology job in a new location or searching for an Audiology vacancy that will advance your career, Mediplacements' team of friendly and professional recruitment specialists will work with you to help find an audiology job that suits your requirements. To begin your search for the perfect temporary Audiology job or permanent Audiology job, register with Mediplacements now. If you're looking for a temporary Audiology vacancy or permanent Audiology vacancy, by registering with Mediplacements, you can be sure you're working with an agency that respects you and will treat you as an individual.
We understand that every Audiologist wants something a bit different out of their Audiology job and we will do everything we can to make sure that the an Audiology vacancies we find fit your specific requirements and qualifications.

Mediplacements offers a variety of temporary and permanent Audiology jobs at locations across the UK. We have also launched an online training scheme intended to help those looking for a temporary Audiology vacancy or permanent Audiology vacancy comply with the NHS Government Procurement Service Framework agreement. The market for temporary Audiology jobs or permanent Audiology jobs is strong, with a variety of Audiology vacancies available at any given time.
When you register with Mediplacements, you will undergo a fairly rigorous vetting process in order to ensure that you are fully capable to fill the Audiology vacancies that you apply for. Being the largest supplier of audiologists within the UK, Your World Healthcare has a wide range of audiology jobs – many on an exclusive basis for our candidates, with the best rates of pay and choice. Our specialist audiology recruitment consultants have built a reputation for finding high-calibre candidates quality vacancies in a diverse range of audiologist jobs throughout the NHS and private sector. Our London office was the location of our latest successful Open Day, offering candidates the opportunity to gain help from our staff with compliancy issues, receive training in Manual Handling and Basic Life Support, along with the chance to also discuss their career opportunities or any other work based issues. Haiti Hospital Appeal are a London charity who work in Haiti to deliver disability care programmes and other healthcare services to some of the poorest people in the world.
Friday 3rd July will see Your World Healthcare attend the British Association of Audiology (BAA) Student Conference, 2015.
Audiologist job postings in Canada noted starting salaries of about $65,000-$70,000 for applicants with a couple years of experience.

We work with key employers, including many NHS Trusts and private companies who are looking to fill an Audiology vacancy.
By taking part in this scheme, you can be sure that you're up-to-date with all of the most recent developments, therefore improving your chances of finding a great Audiology job. Since well-qualified and highly experienced Audiologists are in great demand across the UK, it means that you have the opportunity to find a Audiology job that suits your requirements. Our consultants specialise in the placement of hearing aid dispensers, audiologists and audiological scientists.
In audiology, for example, UBC offers a Master of Science in Audiology degree, while completing the University of Ottawa’s program will lead you to a Master of Health Sciences degree.
Audiologists, in particular, do everything from hearing tests to rehabilitation, and work with clients either for short-term hearing problems or, for the hearing impaired, throughout their lives.
And our good reputation ensures we can offer you the best selection of temporary Audiology jobs or permanent Audiology jobs possible. Several provinces also require practitioners to be members of professional institutions, such as Ontario’s College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists.

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