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DefinitionYou may have heard people refer to mental illness as a single type of illness, but mental illnesses or disorders actually encompass a wide range of symptoms, causes and treatments. The disorders shown in the first umbrella image are only some of the common disorder classifications. Mood DisordersMood Disorders have many sub-classifications as well, but we will focus on the most common one. With words like 'crazy,' 'nuts' and 'insane' used so frequently, many people with mental disorders do not reveal it to their friends or coworkers for fear of being labeled or judged. SummaryA mental disorder is an experience that is different for every patient, but there are a few things they have in common. The diagnostic category of adjustment disorder (AD) made its first appearance in DSM-III in 1968, replacing the previous “transient situational disturbance” of DSM-II, and shortly after was included in ICD-9. This definition excludes the diagnosis if there is another Axis I or II disorder to which the symptoms may be attributed or if the symptoms are due to bereavement (Table). ICD-10 limits the time frame of onset to within 1 month of the causative stressor and, as with DSM-IV, categorizes it as one of exclusion, specifying that the criteria for an affective disorder must not be met. Symptoms caused by mood fluctuations in response to day-to-day stressful events that occur in persons with borderline (emotionally unstable) personality disorder are not classified as AD.
The second dilemma is the differentiation of AD from other Axis I disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and major depression disorder (MDD). The symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder are commonplace feeling that everyone has – the only difference is that the person who suffers from GAD is these thoughts and feelings are excessive, they intrude on their activity to perform normally at their job and in their social or personal life , they are difficult to get rid of and they limit your life in some way. I offer a free initial consultation so that you can come along and meet with me in person, discuss your anxiety problem and find out how hypnotherapy can successfully help you. A mental disorder is a broad term used to group physical and psychological symptoms that cause abnormal thoughts and behaviors. There are many more disorders within each classification, but we are only going to cover the most common and important terms. However, talk therapy is simply conversation with a mental health professional who is very knowledgeable about mental disorders. AD is classified as either acute or chronic, and within each form there are subtypes with depressed mood, with anxiety, with mixed anxiety and depressed mood, with disturbance of conduct, with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct, and not otherwise specified. The categories in ICD-10 are brief depressive reaction, prolonged depressive reaction, mixed anxiety and depressive reaction, with predominant disturbance of other emotions, with predominant disturbance of conduct, with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct, and with other specified predominant symptoms.

You’ll learn how to relax, how to generate those relaxed feelings on demand, take control of your anxiety and resolve the issues and experiences that lie at the root of the problem. He is widely regarded as an expert in helping people change the negative emotions that lead to anxiety, depression, stress, etc. In this lesson we will discover how mental disorders are defined, diagnosed, caused and treated. The guidelines for diagnosis and classification of mental disorders are set by the American Psychiatric Association in a book called the DSM. Depression symptoms include many that we could guess from the name, such as feeling sad, empty, tearful and hopeless.
Mental disorder can be caused by genetic factors, brain chemistry, physical and emotional trauma, psychological and social factors. Some more surprising symptoms of depression are weight loss, extreme fatigue or insomnia, and thoughts of death or suicide. These disorders can be diagnosed by a doctor or licensed professional, and are often treated with psychopharmacological drugs and talk therapy.
ICD-10 is silent on the knock-on effect of stressors but allows a 2-year period of symptoms in the prolonged depressive subtype.
While we can never be sure what a licensed mental health professional would diagnose Johnny with, we can guess that alcoholism and depression are amongst his problems.
Many organizations like the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) and the Bring Change 2 Mind organization are fighting to banish the stigma and create equal rights for those with mental disorders.
Some of the most common categories of mental illness are anxiety disorders and mood disorders, including depression. Management of anxiety or insomnia symptoms, or brief psychological treatments are sometimes used to shorten the duration or reduce the intensity of AD episodes. A further reason for monitoring is that the symptoms may represent a disorder, such as evolving MDD that emerges more clearly over time. In fact, as we learn about mental disorders, it is good to keep in mind how similar they are to physical illnesses. Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive worrying, uneasiness, fear and sometimes uncontrollable panic. In our example, Johnny suffered from both an anxiety and a mood disorder as a result of his mother's abuse.

In patients with AD, both emotional and behavioral disturbances are present and include low mood, tearfulness, anxiety, self-harm, withdrawal, anger, and irritability.
CausesThe most common model used by psychologists to explain why mental disorder occurs is called the biopsychosocial model. Just like with symptoms of depression, these symptoms can make it very hard for an affected person to function at all! The therapist requests that he visits a doctor, and he is given medication for his depression. Since within our society we see people with mental disorders as not functioning normally, there is a great stigma that is still associated with mental disorder.
If you break that word down to it's parts it simply means that biological, psychological and social factors all contribute to mental disorder. Although anxiety disorders are found in both men and women, women are more likely to seek treatment. Sometimes the disorders can become so difficult to live with that the affected person has to spend time in the hospital.
Unfortunately, Johnny lives with a societal stigma of having a mental disorder and is uncomfortable revealing that to even his best friends. Society and StigmaCultural differences need to be considered when diagnosing mental disorder. While many people living in the United States would consider the act of stretching one's neck with decorative rings to be strange behavior and perhaps a symptom of a mental disorder, some cultures of Asia and Africa consider neck stretching to be normal. Diagnosis and ClassificationsWhen these three biopsychosocial factors of brain, biology and environment combine in ways that make it difficult or even impossible for a person to function, it can be diagnosed as a mental disorder. DiagnosisJust as the biological, psychological and social factors can never be the same for two individuals, the experience of a mental disorder is never the same for two individuals.
We may think of mental disorders as being all emotional in nature, but most disorders have both physical and emotional symptoms.

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