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Sohaib Hashmi (left) and Danny Cabrera of BioBots, which creates 3D printers capable of printing human tissue. Tinnitracks, from the German company Sonormed, uses filtered music to treat patients with tinnitus. We’re not there yet, but technology is rapidly moving in that direction thanks to companies like BioBots, a Philadelphia startup that makes 3D bioprinters capable of printing living human tissue and is one of the numerous health-related technologies on display here at the South by Southwest Accelerator competition -- the festival’s annual battle of the startups.
Danny Cabrera, 22, another BioBots co-founder, admits that we are decades from printing full human organs, but he said bioprinting has numerous practical uses in the here and now. Tinnitus and anxiety often go hand in hand, and for the latter there’s Litesprite -- an Accelerator finalist -- which makes games to help manage chronic health conditions. Speaking of anxiety, few things spur more of it among privacy advocates than the idea of surrendering sensitive health information to tech companies, particularly if they have a spotty track record when it comes to protecting data.
Sergio Radovcic, chief marketing officer for Healthiest You, a health care management platform appearing at SXSW’s MedTech Expo, said health-related tech companies have to take extra care to ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, which regulates the use and disclosure of sensitive health information.

Hashmi and Cabrera co-founded the company last year as students at the University of Pennsylvania. BioBots makes a 12-inch cube printing apparatus that is already being adopted by academic researchers, and he said 3D-printed cell tissue is accelerating the pace of development for new drugs. The Accelerator competition included devices that turn mobile phones into cancer-detection devices and blood diagnostic screeners, among other things. About 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, which is often caused by exposure to loud noises. Army, where it will be offered in primary care clinics for post-trauma military personnel and their families. It’s a particularly troublesome problem for concert-going baby boomers and is only expected to get worse as a generation weaned on iPods and earbuds reaches middle age.
Swatee Surve, Litesprite’s chief executive, said the game’s format was created around cognitive-behavior strategies used by therapists and clinicians.

He also said the train has left the station on digital health technology, and that consumers’ misgivings about it are likely to soften over time as larger, more familiar tech companies continue to roll out health-related products. The product is based on the concept that tinnitus patients can retrain their brains by listening to music that filters out certain frequencies.
Tinnitracks tailors the therapy to each patient’s specific tinnitus frequency, and even lets patients choose their own music.

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