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Anxiety and depression, symptoms of a panic attack while sleeping - For Begninners

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The key to coping with your anxiety disorder is understanding what causes you anxiety, what you can do differently and what it means to your life living with anxiety. Seek assistance from family and friends, let them know what you are experiencing and what it is that they can do to help, For many people who have never experienced a panic attack or severe anxiety, it will be hard to understand what it is that you are experiencing if you do not tell them exactly how you feel.
Finally, it is imperative that you do not let your anxiety define who and what you are; do not dwell on triggers that may have contributed to your anxiety levels. My name is Kevin and I have family members who have suffered from severe anxiety and depression.

The first step is learning about your disorder- talk with your doctor or mental health professional and find out what a) is causing your anxiousness and b) what treatment options are open to you. When you start to feel anxious you can take some deep breaths and blow them out slowly repeating the process until you feel the anxiousness subside.
Now that in no way makes me an expert on the field but I have studied these and other mental illnesses with a passion as I try to find out as much as I can about the root causes and what it means to me and my family's life. There are many worthy organizations that provide supportive group sessions, Google mood disorders, anxiety support groups, mental health etc.

If you cannot find a suitable organization on your own, leave me a post and I will email you directly and help you to find one.

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