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Always tired after lunch, lipo flavonoid benefits - For You

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Culinary Nutritionist Natalia Hancock answers a common question regarding tiredness after eating and sugar crashes. In addition to the digestive system working overtime to break down your lunch, the types of food you eat can promote the feeling of fatigue. To avoid feeling tired after lunch you need to first make sure you are getting enough sleep!

In my experience, people tend to think that there's something specific in their food that triggers tiredness. When a large, calorie dense meal is consumed at lunchtime, your brain diverts energy towards digestion, sending red blood cells over to help break down the food and carry nutrients to the rest of your body.
The mechanism by which this occurs is related to a rapid rise in blood sugars after eating.

Sure, all we have to do is lay down and close our eyes, but what goes on after that is quite incredible.

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