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It is especially problematic if alternative medicine manufacturers add claims to their pills and concoctions that are otherwise unverified and not reviewed by medical personnel and scientists. Due to the popularity of herbal medicine, the British government has started to put regulations in place that would control the sudden influx of alternative medicine sellers. I have decided to visit a solicitor who works at one of the law firms in Manchester about the issue to understand the legality of using alternative medicine in the United Kingdom. She says that while it is not illegal to use alternative medicine, the government is concerned about protecting its citizenry from medical malpractice while still providing them with access to natural medicine if they so choose.
She says that there are now about 1,300 registered complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in the United Kingdom, spread out over fields such as homoeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and acupuncture.

The UK is now trying to set standards that would train new medical practitioners to provide safe services to the British peoples, and to regulate the production of herbal remedies. The law also states that herbal remedies are not allowed to make any written claims in their products without clinical trials. This is problematic as it allows many unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of the populace who are interested in alternative medicine. Generally, if an alternative medicine bottle makes wild claims, it is generally illegal and should be reported immediately.
As a lover of herbal medicine, I typically avoid the overly processed pills and remedies that I see in stores.

We will talk about herbal and alternative healing methods, as well as health issues we face today.

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