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Brook Ochoa, 42, doesn’t fidget or squirm or bounce off walls like an 8-year-old child with ADHD.
Stories of adults who finally learn they have ADHD are as unique as the people themselves, but they have at least one thing in common: a sense that what was once shrouded in mystery is now lit with understanding, that a weight has been lifted and a puzzle solved.
For adults, having the ADHD label affixed to their struggles allows them to finally seek help. If it sometimes seems that everyone has some form of ADHD in today’s disjointed world of smartphones, tablets, and the like, the formal diagnosis is indeed on the verge of becoming more common. Moreover, the symptoms must appear in at least two settings: If you only show these behaviors at work, then you do not have ADHD.
To my mind, it is the sneering of the dedicated disbelievers who constitute the nastiest part of being adult ADHD. Thank you for a well written article that vividly describes what having ADHD can be like for adults. I do challenge the notion that children outgrow ADHD and that adults tend not to have hyperactivity.

For adults who were not diagnosed as children—and anyone who was already an adult when ADHD became widely recognized in children in the 1990s is unlikely to have been—having a label affixed to their struggles allows them to finally seek help. She had no idea adult ADD existed when she had the life-altering conversation during her graduate-school internship at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 1999.
The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 4.1 percent of adults have ADHD in any given 12-month period (compared to 9 percent of children). The newest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, scheduled for release in May 2013, is expected to loosen the diagnostic criteria for the disorder substantially, lowering the number of symptoms required.
Today, for every adult whose ADHD has been identified, there are at least three adults whose ADHD has not, according to Dr. ADHD Diagnosis is superficial at best, based often on appearances, and not related to the many excellent peer reviewed findings in brain scans and brain research for more than 20 years. For my daughter, now 18, the problem with her ADHD is that, to stay interested, work needs to be stimulating, with enough variety to keep her focussed. I believe that children, as they mature, learn to manage their symptoms more effectively and may appear to have outgrown their ADHD.

It was there that she heard a fellow staffer who specialized in working with artists with ADHD talking about the disorder: “It explained so much about my own history”—her inability to focus, her difficulty paying attention, her constant search for new stimulation. In the young, three times as many boys as girls have ADHD, but by adulthood the prevalence is the same in both sexes. For example, inability to focus and being easily distracted—with no other symptoms—wouldn’t be enough. Underdiagnosis reflects that adults can compensate for ADHD by choosing jobs that fit their brains—for instance jobs that present constant new challenges rather than jobs where one does the same task over and over.

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