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Group therapy is a type of therapy that involves one or more therapists treating a small group of clients at the same time. To list a group for free, login or register for a new account and check your email for a verification email. For a free group listing, only fill out the first section of the profile builder, “Basic Contact Info”.
An ongoing support group for women who want to end the obsession with food and start to live life fully. These men only support groups are designed to provide you with a safe and confidential environment that helps you heal from the affects of your abuse.
Teen Mindfulness is a group for young people ages 13-18 who are seeking a pace to learn skills and tools to combat stress and anxiety of academic and social pressures through the use of Mindfulness Meditation. In this group, we use drawing, writing, collage, photo sharing, and rituals to create intentional, compassionate space for you to connect deeply with the grieving process. An 8 week long group for professional women who are mothers of babies and young children, to get together and find support from other women who enjoy being mothers but also want to be out in the world.
Group members are invited to share their stories and what they are experiencing in each phase of healing from their abusive relationships. This is a safe space for teen girls to talk about issues, feel heard, & gain support from other girls.
These support groups are designed to provide you with a safe and confidential environment to talk about the difficulties of being in relationship with a survivor of abuse. 8-week class which includes a day-long retreat (23 hours), manual, guided meditations, and weekly support.
This group gathers adult male survivors of sexual abuse into a compassionate space for healing and empowerment.
This group is for parents and caregivers who are parenting a child who has been sexually abused and who have not abused their children.
A personal growth workshop where you will be supported in discovering, experiencing and expressing how it feels to be truly you, and safely explore what gets in the way. These women only support groups are designed to provide you with a safe and confidential environment that helps you heal from the affects of your abuse. This group is for women that struggle with dependency in their relationships with family or friends.
Led by a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, the group provides structured meetings and experiential assignments in a confidential, supportive environment to help sex and relationship addicts prevent relapse, develop healthy boundaries and communication skills, reduce shame-based behaviors, reclaim a sense of integrity, and explore  issues related to trauma and loss.

This yoga-based counseling support group will help teens who self-injure and want to change the behavior. This five week group will focus on child development and parenting issues through discussion, education, and role-plays.
The mission of this group is for men to support and challenge each other to be the best possible person they can be in their lives. Ideal for women who seek a safe and supportive space to process their cesarean birth experience. Portland Men's Group is a committed, present-centered, process group for men looking to expand and evolve their experience of manhood in a setting of strength, honesty, and compassion. This group is for all women (ages 25+) who struggle with how they feel about their bodies, who eat in response to their emotions and who want insight and skills in dealing with everyday challenges in a non-diet approach. This group offers 6 different topics of exploration and skill development and can be used to enhance relations.
Discussing your issues in a group setting can be very rewarding and is a great treatment option for many people.
Once you have done that, scroll all the way to the bottom to the “group therapy” section and enter your group’s info. Join a group that will help you end your obsession with food and start to feel happier and healthier in your body and in your life.This group is a safe, supportive environment in which you will join with others who feel as you do. This ongoing therapy group is for individuals with relationship concerns, and provides relationship support, education and coping skills. This group will allow you to build a community with other survivor's that have been through similar experiences, and who understand how challenging this healing process can be. In group therapy self-exploration is encouraged and enhanced by peer interaction, support, and therapeutic interventions. This group teaches teen girls to approach health in body, mind & heart from a place of self-respect. Through this group, women give and receive support and learn empowerment and sense of self. Connecting with other women with the intention of support, community, and a vision of living well can be a huge relief!
This group will explore and discuss the affects that the abuse has on them as individuals and in relationship to the survivor. The focus of the group is to be a support group and a chance to be around other trans* guys.

This group focuses on creating a safe and supportive community, learning how to overcome anxiety, understanding and transforming the effects of sexual abuse trauma, building empowerment, and generating wellness in our minds, bodies and relationships.
Using art and talk therapy we will build a support network, learn how to support a child and yourself after sexual abuse occurs, learn more information about sexual abuse dynamics, and enrich parenting skills specific to sexual abuse protection and prevention. We will use group processes, expressive arts, journaling, “deep play”, and other co-created inspirations to move toward a greater sense of authenticity, spontaneity, and aliveness! Goal of the group: Participants can improve emotion management and coping skills in a supportive group environment. Parents will learn creative ways to work with their child and learn to play with their child in a safe and supportive environment.
This group follows the format created by Ted Wiard, founder of the Golden Willow Grief Center. Below is a listing of support groups in the Portland and surrounding areas to help you find the group that works for you.
The group will offer education and support to help you start feeling good about yourself, your whole self. As a group we are able to make the changes we make last through developing the support and accountability. The goal of the group is to allow each participant the opportunity to share their story and receive feedback and support only if they wish.
It will allow each participant the opportunity to share their story and to receive feedback and support from others that are in a similar situation. This group  offers activities and discussion to strengthen your relationship with food and body, provide tools for mindful eating and self compassion and a chance to connect with others who are having similar challenges related to food and body. It is a men's process group, so expect to work directly, in real time, on your goals with the other members of the group. The format of the group will use a combination of process, education and resource tools for its members in an effort to give each member the best outcomes of successful treatment.
This group is for all poly enthusiasts who continually create their sexual autonomy, from beginners to experienced. If you've never been a member of a trans* group before you will be surprised at how meaningful it becomes to your life.

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