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Adhd definition in adults, causes and remedies for tinnitus - .

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On another note, you might look into Joint Hypermobility Syndrome as a cause for ADHD, as there is a direct link between the two and JHS encompasses many other troubles people may be experiencing.
An inability to focus and being easily distracted — with no other symptoms — wouldn’t be enough to qualify as ADHD. As Begley points out, when most of us see or hear the acronym ADHD, we immediately think of children.
Many adults only become diagnosed when they take their children to be evaluated for the condition and realize that they, too, have had similar symptoms all their lives. The adult form is characterized more by difficulties with executive functioning than by simple inattention.

Treatment for adults with ADHD is similar to that for children: a combination of medications and psychological therapy, particularly cognitive-behavioral therapy. Attention deficit disorder, which is nearly identical to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is often referred to as ADD or ADHD. But, as Begley points out, a review study published in 2011 found that “the evidence supporting the use of [drugs] for adults with ADHD remains less established” than it is for children. Attention deficit disorder is considered a childhood disease, although a small percentage of adults suffer from ADD.
Adults actually have a harder time dealing with this disorder because the older you get, the more demands are placed on you.

Most adults have gone undiagnosed for years, and the theory is that there are numerous more adults affected by attention deficit disorder than realized. Telling people that a certain diet will cure them of ADHD is pure myth and pretty disingenuous especially when she is selling the supposed cure. It is designed mainly for those suffering from Autism (which my son was diagnosed with), Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Schizophrenia and Depression.

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