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Adhd adults symptoms quiz, fatigue and diarrhea before period - Within Minutes

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Screenwriter Sally Harris, decided to get to the bottom of her daily struggles by discovering she has adult ADD. The stigma of unrecognized ADHD symptoms can put women through years of low self-confidence, shame, and psychological damage.
Boys are evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD more often than girls, even though the disorder is equally prevalent in both genders.
Too often, women and girls go undiagnosed and untreated because ADHD looks different for females.

Impulsive women, particularly ones with ADHD, are especially prone to eating disorders like bulimia. Women with ADHD are often "pleasers." Stop being superwoman with these tips, like giving yourself permission to say no. After finally being diagnosed with ADHD, one woman's bursts of anger and disorganization fell into place.
Stephen Hinshaw explains how ADHD looks different in girls, and why women face a greater stigma for symptoms.

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