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For professional headshots, Dallas fashion photography or paid model testing, simply call 972-822-3587. The Dallas Morning News, along with partners KERA, NBC5 and Telemundo 39 surveyed voters online and will focus this week on each of your leading concerns in our five-day series.
But that’s what’s likely to start happening soon, after in-home rapid HIV testing from OraSure was approved by an advisory panel of the FDA on May 15.
Others, like Jeff Strater of Dallas, said while he shares some of the concerns about the missing counseling component, he believes there’s value in wider availability of testing.

Camp said in-home testing could lead to more people knowing their HIV status and, in turn, earlier intervention. Abounding Prosperity CEO Kirk Myers said he also has concerns about the in-home test, especially for his target constituency in South Dallas. Myers said that he and his staff walk many people through the process of testing to accessing healthcare when they come to his agency. Studies show a mind-body connection to fertility, so we also offer events to connect you with other Dallas-area couples experiencing infertility.

A nucleic acid amplification test will detect the HIV virus 10 days after exposure, but that won’t be available for in-home testing. The Dallas Fertility Associates business office team will provide counsel and act as your advocate in dealing with financial matters.

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