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On quiz results page you may want to show user a custom message like "Good job!" or "Needs more work".
Most of application logic is stored in two events of Responses table Add page: BeforeProcess and BeforeDisplay. As we said, this project also uses a custom HTML template - quiz.htm which provides a completely different look and feel than all standard PHPRunner pages. Does the quiz template work with MSSQL or do I have to have a MySQL database to work with, Microsoft Access will not suit my needs. Ok, I got the quiz template up and running whit Microsoft SQL server 2005, now I want to know if there is a way to display the questions one by one, like a wizard, that way, users won’t have to answer 20 questions at once and they will feel more comfortable answering 20 questions one at a time.

I am interested in buying the quiz template but it needs a liitle bit of tweaking for us to be able to use it. You may want to add more fields to this table, especially if you want users to register before taking the quiz.
Add your messages to this table and specify score range which triggers the message to be displayed. Charts or reports to visualize the percentage of answered questions by quiz or by a separate question. Guest access is enabled and guests users are allowed to access Add page of Responses table.

Save this URL and add a link to this quiz somewhere on your website or send this link via email.
Add a registration page, turn off Guest access and make sure Default group has access to the Add page of the Responses table. If you use inline mode you can add tests, questions and answers without leaving the same page.

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