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Scientists have designed a special pen for Parkinson’s patients that would allow them to write normally, without cramping or shaking. Shark Tank's smartphone app measures oral hygiene, and could save your breath and trips to the dentist. Shannon Grove is in the hot seat for comments she made about California's drought, suggesting God forgives devastating conditions following anti-abortion legislation.
A thousand-year-old remedy for eye infections may also fight modern-day drug-resistant bacteria, a new study finds.
To help identify autism in adults, a first-ever self-assessment test looks for repetitions, such as maintaining an overly strict daily routine. To diagnose autism in a child, doctors look for, among other key symptoms, repetitive behaviors such as head banging and rocking. With increasing awareness, though, a growing number of adults are being diagnosed with this mild form of autism, and, aware of this fact, Dr. The test, Leekam and her colleagues say, cannot diagnose autism on its own because repetitive behaviors are only one criterion for a diagnosis of autism.
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The problems with the Pearson GED test led us to research Common Core which helped us realize that the unfair Pearson GED test is part of a much bigger problem - the billionaire takeover of our public schools!
For the past decade, an average of 13,300 mostly low income young adults per year had earned their GED in Washington State. Both the Pearson GED test and the K-12 Common Core Tests like the PARCC and SBAC are advertised using the same moniker “College and Career Ready” meaning if you can pass these tests you are ready for college level work or a career. Unfortunately, there was a myth started that Americans were falling behind the rest of the world, and then they- funded by the Waltons and the Gates Foundation stepped in with the solution: copy-written educational standards, tests, curricula and materials and a system for data-mining to write reports to justify the whole mess.
Dear members of the Senate Ways and Means committee,On February 19 2015, the proposed substitute for Senate Bill 5676, which would allow additional high school equivalency test options, was passed unanimously out of the Senate Higher Education committee and moved to the Senate Ways and Means committee. In her public comments on House Bill 1743 and Senate Bill 5676, Lou Sager stated that having a drop off in the number of test passers was “normal” when transitioning to a new GED test and that the “passing rate” on the Pearson GED test was improving and therefore they wanted another year to fix all of the problems. Second, the real problem – and the real reason the number of test passers will not increase in 2015 - is that the Pearson GED test is simply beyond the academic ability of the average high school senior. Executive SummaryFor the past 70 years, since the end of World War II, young adults in our State who lacked a high school diploma, have been offered a fair high school equivalency test called the GED, designed and administered by a non-profit organization, which determined whether the candidate had academic skills and abilities equivalent to the average graduating high school senior.
However, in January 2014, a multinational for profit corporation called Pearson, took over the GED name and changed the GED test to an unfair test that was not related to the academic skills and abilities of the average high school senior. Pearson claims that the reason for this change is to align the GED test with Common Core Career and College Ready standards. Thankfully, there is a less expensive option called the HiSET test, which only costs $60, can be taken with paper and pencil if needed and is more fairly normed to the match the actually skills and abilities of graduating high school seniors. To help identify autism in adults, a first-ever self-assessment test also looks for repetitions — but adult-sized ones. First, all adults have routines and habits, yet for the overwhelming majority, these daily repetitions do not signal a problem. After a thorough analysis of the RBQ-2, the team rephrased each item into an appropriate adult query. Having undergone validation testing in adults with and without autism, RBQ-2A was found to be a reliable and valid measure of autism. The Adult Repetitive Behaviors Questionnaire-2 (RBQ-2A): A Self-Report Measure of Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors. Many adults with attention deficit disorder have found meaningful ways to manage their symptoms, take advantage of their gifts, and lead productive and satisfying lives.
Support that children, young people and with should be offered.Adhd isnt just a problem for kids. Earning a GED gave them a better chance to get a good job and qualified them for financial aid for college. However, the average high school student can not pass their Common Core tests because corporate interests have set the passing scores so high that that only 33% of 11th graders are allowed to pass their common core tests. The answer: Corporate profit!Pearson makes hundreds of millions of dollars in profit by deliberately and unfairly maximizing the failure rate on the Pearson GED test. Look at Pearson Publishing, a UK company, which owns the GED and publishes high stakes tests and curricula. This is because Pearson is using a “Common Core” test creation process that is designed to fail the vast majority of students who take Pearson Common Core tests. This bill would allow GED instructors in Washington State to offer students a fairer, less expensive and more accessible High School Equivalency test, called the HiSET test, and thereby end the Pearson GED test monopoly in Washington State.
For the past decade, an average of 13,300 low income young adults per year passed this GED test in Washington State – allowing them to seek better opportunities with employers and qualify for better college opportunities. The Pearson GED test, currently the only GED test students can take in Washington State, was substantially more difficult to pass than the prior GED test. However, the purpose of a GED certificate is not to determine whether a young adult is career and college ready. Maintaining an overly strict daily routine, for example, would be an adult-version of an autistic symptom.

What was needed, Leekam and her co-researchers theorized, was a broad measure of repetitive behavior that adults could complete on their own to give a fuller picture of the way such behaviors affect them. The next phase before implementing its use in clinics across the United Kingdom will be a test on people of all ages with autism. Myth someone cant have addadhd and also have depression, anxiety, or other psychiatric problems. However, in January 2014 Pearson, a multinational corporation, took over the GED test and made the GED so difficult to pass that it was no longer related to the academic skills and abilities of the average high school senior. Those 55 and younger are still 1.2 million jobs below the level they were in December 2007. If you go to the Pearson GED Test Prep store, called the GED Marketplace, you will see dozens of Pearson GED test prep products for sale. For example, Pearson created the Common Core tests taken in New York State in the spring of 2013 and 2014.
As a result, the number of candidates who passed the new Pearson GED test in 2014 in Washington State fell to only 2,850 – a decline of more than 10,000 students from the average of previous years.
It is merely to determine if a young adult has the academic skills and abilities equivalent to the average graduating high school senior. The Pearson GED requires access to a computer and keyboarding skills and can only be taken online. Compared with other forms of autism, Asperger's does not impact cognitive development quite so much. Any new test, then, would have to precisely identify and differentiate the problematic behaviors underlying autism from those that are either neurotypical or signs of another disorder or disease.
On a more complex level, the researchers swapped out each childish symptom, such as hand-flapping, and exchanged it for an adult symptom, such as compulsively arranging objects. Learn what adhd looks like in adults and what you can do about it.All adults with adhd had adhd as children, even if it was never diagnosed. Yperactivity in childhood can persist into adulthood in at least 30 percent of patients, with 3 to 4 percent of . What is happening to our education system is very simple and very devious… Create a fake problem and then create a fake solution to solve the fake problem.We will continue our campaign for a fair GED test in Washington State. In 2013, only 31% of students passed the Pearson test for English and only 31% passed the Pearson test for math. For this reason, some children grow to be adults before they are diagnosed with the condition. Hyperactivity diagnosis and management of in.This online screening test is a symptoms checklist for adult add.
Also, please share this link with any parents or teachers you know who are interested in learning the reasons our schools are now under attack! As a consequence, the number of candidates who passed the new Pearson GED test in 2014 in Washington State fell to only 2,850 – a decline of more than 10,000 students from the previous average. That’s it.There is an important reason why Bill and other Common Core promoters do not want a fair GED test. Those who fail the GED test, and parents of those who fail the GED, are likely to order many of these products in a desperate attempt to pass the Pearson GED test. However, in 2014, Washington state saw an 80% to 90% decline in the number of students passing the GED test (from over 13,000 students to only 2,850 students.
It is because once students understood how unfair the Common Core tests, called SBAC and PARCC were, they will likely in greater numbers want to drop out of high school to get their GED certificate instead.
Certain things may be more difficult for you, but that doesnt mean you cant find your niche and achieve success. But many adults continue to struggle with symptoms of adhd.Attention deficit disorder affects many adults, and its wide variety of frustrating symptoms can hinder everything from your relationships to your career. Both Common Core tests greatly profit private corporate interests but cause severe harm to our students.We tried… and failed to get an option to the Pearson GEDWe became aware of the corporate take-over of our schools and the GED test in spring of 2014 and have worked hard for the past year to stop this destructive takeover through our website Restore GED Fairness (dot) org. It therefore was necessary for the Ed Reformers like Bill Gates and his friends in the Washington State Legislature to close the GED escape hatch. The reason Senate Bill 5676 is urgently needed is because, in 2014, a for profit corporation called Pearson took over the GED test and dramatically changed the test from a high school equivalency test, or a test that was normed to the actual ability of existing high school seniors – and turned it into a “college readiness” test that was so hard that it could not be passed my the majority of high school seniors. We showed that the Pearson GED test failed students by using “NAEP HARD” math questions that only 20% of high school seniors could answer. To get a more honest and less corrupt state legislature, in the 2016 election, more honest people have to be willing to run for the state legislature.
In fact, the Pearson GED test is so difficult that many state legislators are unable to pass it. Meanwhile, in Missouri, a state that used the more properly normed HiSET test, they only saw a normal 10% to 15% decline in the number of students passing. They want us to hate public schools, scrap public education and give all of the power to educate to corporate reformers- to turn all of our public schools into for-profit charter schools or to continue with lowly funded, highly crowded public schools made so miserable that no one wishes to attend, yet massive amounts of money must go to the common core overlay. So in addition to campaigning for GED fairness, we will be seeking teachers and parents and young adults willing to run for office. The dramatic change by Pearson caused the number of students who passed the test annually in Washington state to fall from a previous average of more than 13,000 students per year to only 2850 students in 2014.
In other words, Pearson artificially inflated the percentage of passing students to create the illusion of improvement when in fact, there was no improvement at all during the second full year of Pearson Common Core tests in New York.

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This site is for information only and not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
Attention-deficithyperactivity disorder (adhd) has been called attention-deficit disorder (add) and hyperactivity.Here are 15 signs of adult adhd. The bills specifically asked for a less expensive, paper and pencil test option to the online Pearson GED. The corporations win either way!Lies about the Pearson GED they tell us to keep the system in placePearson claims that the former GED test, called the 2002 GED test, was too easy and could be passed by “90 percent of high school seniors.” However, this is not true. Thus more than 10,000 low income students in Washington state had their lives destroyed by the Pearson GED test change in 2014. Adhd is not just a childhood problem.Test and quiz whether you have adult attention deficit disorder (add) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd). If students do not have access to a fairer high school equivalency test option, another 10,000 students will have their lives destroyed in 2015. But proper diagnosis and treatment can help you feel better and.Hyperactivity () in user-friendly information for the general public, produced by the royal college of psychiatrists. The intention of the bill is to add another high school equivalency test option and eliminate the Pearson GED test monopoly. Eighteen questions were found to be the most predictive of symptoms consistent with adhd.Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (also referred to as adult adhd or simply adhd in adults, formerly aadd) is the neurobiological condition of. We wrote reports showing that if the state board had allowed the HiSET high school equivalency test as an option in Washington State, an additional 8,000 students would have earned their high school equivalency diploma in Washington State in 2014. The other two high school equivalency test options besides Pearson are the HiSET and TASC tests. Any effort by an entrant to misrepresent himself or herself through the use of aliases or multiple e-mail addresses will disqualify that entrant. We also had several people testify at hearing in both the House and Senate higher education committees and in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. The HiSET test is supported by GED instructors in Washington state because it is more fairly normed to the existing ability of current high school seniors and is only slightly more difficult than the prior 2013 version of the GED test.The problem with Pearson unfairly denying more than 10,000 students of their GED certificate in 2014 is that this certificate is required to get a good job or get financial aid to go to college. The claim by Pearson that the test needs to be made harder in order to better match high school seniors is completely absurd. We had fully expected our State legislature would pass House Bill 1743 and companion Senate Bill 5676 and that we would get the HiSET test here as an option, like 14 other states had done- which only costs $60, can be taken with paper and pencil if needed and is normed to the match the actually abilities of graduating high school seniors.
Thus, unfairly denying 10,000 low income young adultsper year of a GED certificate is likely to increase our state prison population by more than 1,000 inmates per year. In the event of a dispute as to the identity of the winner, the winner will be deemed to be the authorized account holder of the email address provided at the time of entry. Randy Trask, president of GED testing- part of the Pearson Corporation, has said that employers were losing faith in the old GED. At an estimated total cost to tax payers of $50,000 per inmate per year, the total additional cost to tax payers of remaining with the unfair Pearson GED test monopoly is more than $50 million per year or $100 million per biennium. Adding a fairer test option will save this huge amount of money allowing us to spend this money on adult education instructors rather than hiring more prison guards. Trask is talking about the economy in a recent PBS interview: “Our job is to equip these adults with the skills necessary to get into middle-skill jobs, the jobs that are capable of feeding families. We were told that the reason we can’t get a fair GED test is that it is connected to Common Core.
Go to the Gates Foundation website and you will see that the Gates Foundation has given out more than 250 grants to buy the Common Core takeover of our education system.
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