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Acupuncture depression treatment, tinnitus cure you tube - How to DIY

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Acupuncture can help lift people out of depression, research suggests.A British study found that people who had acupuncture alongside their anti-depressants improved more after three months than those who simply took drugs. Depression costs the English economy ?9billion a year and although acupuncture is used to treat it, there has been little research into whether it helps.
One group had acupuncture alongside their normal treatment, including any drugs, a second had counselling added in, while a third group was treated as usual.
Acupuncture has been used for treating depression in the western world since the early nineties.
Acupuncturist Rosa Schnyer and University of Arizona Psychologist John Allen conducted the first pilot controlled study of using acupuncture in treating persons showing signs of depression in the western world. The first group was administered acupuncture treatment designed specifically to deal with their depression symptoms, while the second group underwent general acupuncture treatment unrelated to their depression symptoms.
The result of the study concluded that the first group which got a specific acupuncture treatment for depression showed tremendous decrease of depression symptoms, compared to the second group which got non-specific depression treatment. The study proved that using acupuncture in treating depression can be an effective tool as much as other types of treatment in relieving symptoms of depression usually used in the Western world such as medication, psychotherapy and meditation.

Getting acupuncture treatment is fairly easy, consult a doctor first and most of the time each doctor will have a list of referrals of licensed and qualified acupuncturist.
In the US alone, a large group covering 70 to 80 percent of medical insurers covers acupuncture treatments. For patients already undergoing medication for depression, it is advised not to give up on their medication once they start acupuncture treatment.
The body and soul takes time to get better and with the aid of acupuncture it guides the body to do the healing itself naturally. Acupuncture is an inexpensive remedy to treating depression and many people from doctors to patients have experienced it and believed that it is the best form of depression treatment there is. It has given patients dealing with depression a holistic and positive effect when used in combination with herbal treatments and psychotherapy. In a controlled and random study, 34 female patients undergoing depression treatment were assigned each to three different treatment orders and underwent acupuncture for eight weeks. The result was astounding that over 50% of the subjects dealing with depression showed no signs of the DSM-IV criteria for depression after the acupuncture study.

Based on this study, the United Nations World Health Organization has given acupuncture the green light as a method in curing depression. Joan Allen spoke of some acupuncture advantages at a seminar held at the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. You can also do a quick search online for acupuncture practitioners in your city just by surfing the website of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.
Acupuncture practitioners will make patients comfortable with acupuncture treatment first before they can let the patient get rid of their medication, this way it will make a smooth transition from pills to the natural way of acupuncture healing.
Acupuncture cleanse the body of excess stress, food, drinks, other chemicals, sugar, smog and other oxidants that may harm it and acupuncture helps the body recover from all of these bodily assaults that produces depression.
Acupuncture also diminishes the problem of language barrier between doctors and patients who speaks a different language and is outright cheaper compared to other conventional depression treatment methods.

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