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So when I recently learned that acupuncture is administered OVER 10 MILLION TIMES annually in the United States alone, I was baffled. In this blog, I present to you my insights into using Acupuncture for Back Pain, Insomnia, Depression and Hypertension. An anecdotal experience: “I started doing acupuncture to help treat some acute back pain I was experiencing.
What the science says: Similar to the meta-analysis of acupuncture for back pain studies, a study of 33 studies was conducted to see if acupuncture causes improvement in insomnia.
What the science says: When it comes to treating depression with acupuncture, the research has shown mixed results.
What the science says: The American Heart Association published a highly controlled study of 192 participants to see if acupuncture had any substantial impact on reducing blood pressure.

I researched the effect of Acupuncture on four different health challenges, taking into account both what the science says as well as the anecdotal evidence shared by people who have tried acupuncture.
A meta-analysis of 33 studies involving over 6000+ patients showed that acupuncture for back pain was more effective than no treatment at all. However, when a comparison between ‘real’ acupuncture and ‘fake’ acupuncture was conducted, a significant difference was not found. However, in a larger review of 20 trials involving 2000 patients with major depression, the effect of acupuncture was shown to be comparable to standard antidepressants. One of my teachers applied acupressure, and called her friend who needled me and recommend that I see my doctor. They compared the effects of real & sham acupuncture over the course of 10 weeks, measuring blood pressure every 14 days.

This suggests that acupuncture, at least in the case of back pain, may be benefiting the patient through the placebo effect more than any other reason. However, similar to insomnia and back pain, this study showed no difference between the impacts of real acupuncture compared to fake acupuncture. At the end of the 10 weeks, no statistically significant difference could be found between the effect of real acupuncture and fake acupuncture on blood pressure.
However, no difference was found in real and sham acupuncture, again suggesting that acupuncture may have a placebo effect when used to treat insomnia.

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