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A cure for tinnitus does it really exist, bipolar treatment plan - Reviews

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I believe the type of tinnitus i have is from radiation and cancer that i had back in 2005 thus maybe loud noise from construction i have done at work in the past and or concerts of loud music . Stemming off of this, referring back to this article, I don't think retraining the mind to cope with the sound is the solution for everyone.
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I went to my family doctor and he stuck a gizmo in my ear which forced water into my ear canal in an effort to flush out the wax.
My tinnitus comes from years and years of allergies combined with lyme disease, but since they don't understand either they prefer to treat the patient as though they have a mental imbalance. When I stopped eating ice cream (made from non organic milk) the tinnitus in the right ear also went away.

But sometimes I crave my favorite store bought ice cream and after I eat it, the tinnitus in the right ear is back.

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