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A crazy person annoyed you tonight, ringing in the ears causes - .

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I understand your logic but it may be that you are misunderstanding the meaning behind the term. From aggressive upselling to hitting on your date, these are the ways that waiters drive us crazy.
Pick that ONE annoying person who has recently annoyed you, for whatever reason, and let’s do some tapping on it.
It feels GOOD to let go of these feelings, to release the petty stuff that annoys us and sucks up our life energy. Thank you lots,I am amazed at how well timed your tapping came to me today as i had been stewing over my annoying problem with an aquintance for a couple of days when wa la your tapping advise for annoying person came to my facebook page, Yay. I took time to do this just now, as I had forgotten that I received the e-mail with the specific script to use to tap so that I can stop feeling annoyed by certain people. It is good to tap on feeling annoyed about others or a behavior about ourselves that we may not like. Thank you very much for the tapping scripts, I find them very useful and have encorporated tapping onto my life and to manage the stresses and strains of everyday life with great resutls.

Thanks Nick, You seem to have remarkable insights into those things that cause unnecessary angst for so many of us.
Thanks for your guidance on technique and word suggestions, and in general, for this reminder to tap on these common disturbances. Wow Thanks Nick how did u know that there was a person so bugging me & I have been tapping on it but 2 day is the first time I felt it shift. It is always interesting to me how you seem to know some of the things I am going through and come up with tapping to deal with those issues. Keep tapping, either using the same language or bringing in your own language, until you get the relief you desire. Thank you very much for this tapping script on this issue (and for other tapping scripts for other issues). I have just recently been going through a really hard time with a person who has some authority over my working situation. My boss drives me crazy – mostly because she doesn’t know what she is talking about!

I was wondering if you had any suggestions for chronic pain-from lyme disease and herniated discs.
I was feeling extreme anxiety and it was annoying and frustrating and this was absolutely fitting for me today!
My feedback for you is that my biggest struggle was even coming up with the sentences to say bc my desperate, fearful thoughts were so solidly ingrained. When I do pull this horse out of the mire I will be contributing more financially to your cause, too. Thank you for reminding me and thank you for laying it out for me so that I don’t have to focus and worry about what I am going to say.

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