Again, this may sound like a worn out phrase but history teaches us what to say “no” to and what to say “yes” to in our healing work. The Pastor of the Christian Science Church is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and The King James Bible. Again you don’t have to recharge a hard bound book, use electricity or deal with the bugs of new technology. A Practitioner is a Class taught Christian Scientist who is in the public practice of healing through prayer.
Again, this may sound like a worn out phrase but history teaches us what to say “no” to and what to say “yes” to in our healing work.  History in Christian Science explains why certain things are done in the Christian Science church service and why healing is a big part of Christian Science and why healing is as possible today as it was in ancient times.
One of the unique things about Christian Science is the Lesson Sermon.  The Lesson Sermon can be found in the Christian Science Quarterly and is by divine design meant to heal.
The Bound Volumes of the Christian Science Sentinel and Journal are gems to our healing work today. This means that to mark your book you need markers for the particular size of books you have, chalk and chalk holder plus an eraser. If you were in pain would you like to wait till the practitioner was through with his day job before you get relief from pain. Neither can they serve two masters, giving only a portion of their time to God, and still be Christian Scientists.
Teachers hold class once a year where they explain more about how to heal as Christ Jesus did. Teachers hold class once a year where they explain more about how to heal as Christ Jesus did.  The teacher that God has chosen for you is like a marriage.
These early workers proved in their lives what they had learned in how to heal with the comforter. History in Christian Science is important because it tells us where we have been and where we’re going in our healing work. Eddy wrote the by-law that the only preachers in a Christian Science church would be The King James Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. In staying close to your books you will learn the different books of the Bible as you mark and the different chapters in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
But if you are a member of another church and want to advance in your healing work in Christian Science then you will want to dissolve your membership with that church and become a member of a Christian Science church.
Christians Scientist who want to remain close to their books mark their books each week in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and the King James Bible.

You want to keep mortal personality out of your talking and listening to God which is the reason photos of me will not be used on this website.
As you read the Lesson Sermon you can read more than just the citations but you can read around the citation to get a clearer view of why this citation was chosen, who is speaking and was this a person in the Old or New Testament. Scripture is read along with the quiet simple Truth of Science and Health with Key to the Scripture by Mary Baker Eddy.
By that it is meant that you cannot advance if the teachings of another denomination are the opposite of what you are learning in Christian Science.
They dedicated their lives to God and Christian Science because each of them were healed in their own lives. She ordained Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and The King James Bible as the only pastors. Wednesday night is testimony night, it good to have in thought what you would like to say if so moved to give a testimony of healing. Christian Science is Christian Science and it doesn’t make you better in your own religion.
Certainly you don’t ignore pain in the body any more than you ignore someone’s actions that are causing problems for themselves or others. Some of the first healings people may experience are the falling away of habits for coffee, tea, drink, and smoking.
The Word of God, the language of spirit is just as powerful to heal today as it was in Christ Jesus time.
Remember God is everywhere filling all space so God can heal anywhere, anytime, in any place. Check out the Reading Room where you can find the Christian Science Journals bound from the time of Mrs. We the workers of today are proving in our lives that God’s word is power and Principle that heals. I have been studying your book, Science and Health, and your other writings for the past four years, and if what is said to me by one of your own students or by one of your students’ student is not backed up or verified by your writings, I take not stock in his statements, none whatever!” Mrs. Then they want to be cool and mimic other churches with their “new agey” saying,” I don’t judge, I just love.” These people don’t like the pain of seeing empty pews because they don’t want to face what needs healing. These healings are the more obvious.  Every member in the Christian Science church is working on some kind of healing.
Eddy stepped forward, placed her hand on my shoulder and patted it gently, saying, “My child, my child, my child, you’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe!” Mrs.

The answers to every problem is already there in the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scripture (MBE). Although these modern day biographers books have some good quotes from the notes, you need to look at the books kind of like fiction. Always go back to your books, look up statements made by other people and read for yourself to get clarification.
Also, in marking your books you contribute to not wasting paper having to buy a full text quarterly each month or printing the lesson from the computer.
In writing biographies in this day and age, the books are considered a “creative non-fiction” genre so you need to sift through what part is the author’s 21st Century slant and actual facts. When you buy your complete set of books (S&H - King James Bible) you don’t have to replace batteries, use electricity or upgrade.
Eddy’s writings are the ultimate source for answers because they take you back to the Bible and in turn back to God. Although these are conveniences nothing takes the place of marking your books and getting close to your books. Some parts of the service like in the formal sense of the word “Reader” means you need to be a member of the church but to give a testimony means that you can participate whether a member or not and that you used an inspired citation(s) from the Bible or S&H. The Christian Science bound volumes (past Christian Science Journal and Sentinel magazine) found in Reading Rooms are a wealth of inspiring articles on healing over the years.
There should be a healing message in both the music and the words.  Promoting personality worship of singers or song writers in a church service is not Christian Science. The goal to be rid of smoking, drinking, tea, or coffee is a good way to begin “seeing” what you can do in the way of healing and then becoming a member of the church.  In a church atmosphere you are still working your salvation out. Studying the Lesson involves reading citation around the marked part of the lesson, looking up words you don’t understand, maybe writing out an outline to get the completeness of the Lesson. And listening to God because he dearly wants you to understand the qualities and attributes of yourself as image and his deep love for you as his child.

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