Yoga is a physical, spiritual and mental discipline, designed to ascertain a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. If you are new to yoga, then it is vitally important that you do not try anything too heavy to begin with. The introductory beginner yoga poses include standing, seated and supine poses and also light backbends and balancing poses.
This is a sitting pose which facilitates relaxation, concentration and ultimately meditation. Good for meditation, this is a good lead for poses such as the salutation pose and the camel.

The advanced yoga poses continue to expand the limits of the body mainly through deep backbends, intense arm balances and inversions.
For free yoga videos baseed on your level check yoga videos for beginners and advanced on yome.
There are yoga poses designed for beginners, so start with these and work your way towards the more difficult poses. When practicing this posture, it will make the spine supple and the flow of blood to the brain is increased. However, yoga can become an important part of your life, so having a wide variety of yoga poses to experiment prevents you from getting bored whilst maintaining your progression.

There will be plenty of time to try all of the exciting and challenging poses out, and as some are more difficult than others, you can start with some of the easier yoga poses and move on to the more complex ones once you yourself become more experienced.

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