UK Home Secretary Theresa May has introduced the Snoopers Charter, through which your ISP will be required to retain a record of everything you do on the Internet and make it available to government and police without meaningful checks and balances or privacy protection.
Mpow offers a wide range of Windows Phone accessories ranging from back-up batteries to Bluetooth speakers to wireless headphones. Later on, he tried to sell it to an electronics retailer called NIX, where a friend of his allegedly worked.
Pratchett spent his last years on Earth working his guts out, leaving behind a literary legacy of enormous breadth and depth.
However, you should probably find something to commute to anyway.As business blog Entrepreneur points out, there are some hidden benefits to a commute that are lost on people who work from home. Each one seems to borrow from the contours of a bottle or a glass vase, yet feel like the perfect way to enliven a modern interior clad in unassuming neutral hues.Colorful Helio ChromaCrafted by Niche Modern, Helio Chroma is the taller and slender counterpart of Pharos and charms you with its amazing array of colors and delicate, modern design.

It is easy to see why this vivacious pendant is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners and designers alike as it can add accent hue to a room, enhance its color scheme or just blend in with the backdrop in an effortless manner. Available in 8 different hues, the glass dome of the bulb can be clubbed with a bulb of your choice (Baby Plumen 001 bulb does seem like the best fit) for a unique look.Versatile Say My NameA fusion of amazing craftsman of master glassblowers of Venice, chic Scandinavian style and colorful exuberance, Say My Name from Northern Lighting is as unique a lamp as its name suggests. The state that almost every knowledge worker spends their day in is a terrible state if your goal is to actually focus with any intensity.
This multi-tasking marvel can be used both as a striking pendant light and a fabulous table lamp and is made completely from Venetian glass. The subtle purple color of the lamp is borrowed from the lovely Nordic night sky and the amazing backdrop of Norwegian fjords.Fluid Waterdrop!Finally, we have the lovely Waterdrop designed by Andi Kovel and Justin Parker for Esque Studio that is available in five fun hues that include the likes of Fuchsia, Scarlet and Gold Topaz. 10 Rooms with Oversized Art Take a look at ten modern, interior rooms that are decked out with larger than average works of bold, contemporary art.

10 Modern Houses Inspired by Barns We scoped out the barn look and found 10 modern barn-style structures and residences that we wouldn’t mind calling home. 12 of the Best in Coffee Brewing Technology Twelve of the latest in coffee brewing and preparation devices bring barista quality preparation into the home with a splash of high design. 10 Modern Prefabs We’d Love to Call Home Built in less time than a traditionally-built home, prefab architecture offers great, modern digs in smartly designed, often compact, packages.

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