I have clients who fly in from Dubai, India, Europe and all over the USA to come to see me for a one day appointment to understand their purpose, release their pain, cherish a loved one, create a new career path, connect with a lifetime that holds a key to happiness, let go of a relationship and some to understand why they have a physical ailment.
The clarity my clients receive during their time with me is life changing.  I have seen miracles and profound realizations that have altered an individuals life in less than two hours.
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So go ahead and give the Meaning of Life and Point of Life posts a read, and then marinate on the simplicity of this message of purpose. Hi - I'm Eric Alexander Crawford, author of Teaching Kids Life IS Good!This blog is a place that I share insights and ideas about using TKLIG in every day life.

In my opinion (and without bumping up against any religious or cultural beliefs out there in my community) I believe that before we come into this world in physical form we choose a life purpose. We are delivered in divine perfection all the lessons, all the connections, the gifts, the abilities, the tests, the triumphs we need to keep growing and evolving into delivering that life purpose. Our life purpose whispers sweet nothings to our hearts, tugs on the edges of our consciousness with half formed inspirations and unexplained desires.   Alights in the doorway between sleep and wakefulness in the half remembered insights of a dream. So many of us – in life and business – who keep so so busy day to day that we are closed off to that innate wisdom held inside. I know that personally, my purpose fuels my fire from within, it brings me around the world to meet incredible people, experience exotic and culturally diverse locations that I would never have seen without living my purpose.

It’s time you have this opportunity to know and live your purpose, it changes how you relate and experience the world around you.

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