Across the courtyard, in what had been the main chapel of the castle, is now a moving memorial to the Scots who lost their lives in W.W. The dispossessed Scots had emigrated, in starving thousands, to Canada, Australia and the United States.
Whatever problems the Scottish economy is undergoing, didn’t detract from the beauty of the countryside. The tour bus allows you to get off at any of the stops along the way and continue your journey with the next bus.
Its original purpose had been to grow oranges and fruit for the French Royals, hence its name. We were headed up into what the tour called the “highlands” and the locally famous “Falls of Shin.” Conversations with local residents later told us that this area has but minor hills. The serenity of The Sanctuary and the casual street cafe atmosphere of the Piazza may just reel you in for the day, while your nights might be filled with the great tasting food offered in the Crown Grill followed by a first-run film at Movies Under the Stars®.

We had noticed that however enjoyable good company is at dinner, you lose your attention to the wonderful food when you are gabbing away with others. We had come upon many such colorful settlements in Nova Scotia, Canada and in the Western Carolinas of the U.S. We stood at the ship’s rail and watched the mighty nautical leviathan maneuver her way through a series of canals on her way out into the English Channel.
We sat for a time there and watched the ebb and flow of people visiting from all across the globe. They are traversed by what they call “class B & C” roads, not really suitable for huge landcruisers of the tourists’ groups.
Suffice it to say Lizzie, you are remembered this day by one of your own who came back to commemorate you. In that we live on the border of Canada, we had a lot in common and were able to talk with them about Canadian politics and the relative merits of their parliamentary system versus the U.S.

The Ed Sullivan show featured them playing “I want to hold your hand.” Teenagers screamed and carried on in excitement. A detailed index of the elaborately drawn letters, and what each means, is necessary to read the finely crafted Latin script.
We chatted with him about the coming Olympics in London next year and visiting Disneyland in Florida, as he barreled through the massively automobile-clogged streets of central London.
The rest of us stood looking at the small falls and wondering what we were doing here and if we were really that gullible to come this far to stand around a small falls in a river and pretend that is a momentous natural attraction. And if it is raining or on a misty day, your mind will supply you with a much more interesting picture of what they are and what they might have been used for.

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