Change can be something minimal like switching off lights to minimize electricity usage to installing a Biomass Boiler which is carbon neutral. We believe strongly that giving children the tools to understand how what they do impacts on everything around them is key. This is why as part of our package we offer a curriculum assist program, this can be something along the lines of lesson plans to better explain renewable energy or as you can see from our picture (left) an assembly to advise pupils about their installation and what it is doing for the school.

There are some fantastic programs out there such as Keep Britain Tidy, Eco-Schools and 10:10 trying to educate not only children but everyone on how what they do effects the planet we live on.
If we can start to affect change now by explaining how burning gas and oil may have huge implications in the years to come and how harnessing natural sources such as water, wind or sunlight is not only going to save our planet but it is more cost effective in the long run. It is crazy to think that each time there is a natural disaster it is decided we need to do more and things must change but it really shouldn’t get to that stage before we review what we can do.

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