Karin gave us a warning about miscreants which we saw played out several times during the next few hours. Across the courtyard, in what had been the main chapel of the castle, is now a moving memorial to the Scots who lost their lives in W.W. We idled on the deck promenades and whiled away a quiet morning in the firth, reading for a time on our balcony and enjoying the cool air and beautiful surroundings. Causeway.” A good sized Inn sits atop a rise of green land that is about two hundred feet above the sea below. It harbors five million residents and is noted for the production of Scotch Whiskey, woolen products and various agricultural goods. Whatever problems the Scottish economy is undergoing, didn’t detract from the beauty of the countryside. Ancient, black metal cannon stand guard even still over the landscape, which stretches out for miles before you. We repaired to the first floor cafe and enjoyed some good coffee and those delightful scones with clotted cream and jam. We were headed for Trinity College to see “The Book of Kells.” Trinity College had been founded in 1592, by Queen Elizabeth I, as a means of educating good Protestant lads and keeping them away from the “Popish “ influence in foreign schools.
All transactions and instructions transpired in French, which we dredged up from our memory banks. Between them, a pair of left foot shoes arrived in the next thirty minutes, one of which matched the shoe that I had been given. The lands around the inlet are shades of green and tan, reflecting crops we later learned of barley and wheat, supplies for the whiskey making production prominent in the area.
The black stone beneath its foundation forms a significant mound upon which a castle has been placed for as long as anyone remembers.

Calamari, black bean soup, Red Snapper filet and Rocky Road Iced Cream did a good job in reversing the effects of our gym visit. We were headed up into what the tour called the “highlands” and the locally famous “Falls of Shin.” Conversations with local residents later told us that this area has but minor hills.
The “streaky bacon” appearance of the White Star Shipping lines building is a local attraction. We read for a time and then enjoyed some of that lovely Glenfiddich while sitting on the balcony. The serenity of The Sanctuary and the casual street cafe atmosphere of the Piazza may just reel you in for the day, while your nights might be filled with the great tasting food offered in the Crown Grill followed by a first-run film at Movies Under the Stars®. We had noticed that however enjoyable good company is at dinner, you lose your attention to the wonderful food when you are gabbing away with others.
Mary did a load of whites in one of the laundry rooms and we then drifted off to an afternoon nap, one of my favorite past times.
We chatted amiably while munching on crab quiche, asparagus soup, filet of halibut with green beans and new potatoes and a chocolate confection for dessert, accompanied with a Mondavi cabernet. The approach to the castle, from Holly Rood, is called the “Royal Mile.” It is a series of boutiques, pubs, shops and Inns flanking a cobbled stone street that runs for a mile, gently rising up to the castle’s main gate, which is protected by a drawbridge and a moat. We passed again through the pastoral countryside, pregnant with wheat, and oats and barley. PIpers were trilling their mournful sounds on the dock as we said good bye to Edinburgh and all of its history. The production of Scotch Whiskey, at the large Glenmorangie distillery, also provides many local jobs. We found a small cafe named “Morelli’s” and sat down for some good coffee and those delightful scones with clotted cream and jam.

We settled in for some tasty Salad Nicoise and cappuccino while watching the busy pedestrians flow by us. We were all wearing our gaudy orange life vests with whistle and blinking lights as we listened to ships personnel explain emergency evacuation procedures.
They are traversed by what they call “class B & C” roads, not really suitable for huge landcruisers of the tourists’ groups. The other scam, which we saw later in the day, involved a young girl finding a golden ring on the ground and asking tourists if it was theirs. The bus made good time and Emily decided to give us a brief glimpse of the City of Belfast.
We settled into the Davinci Dining Room to enjoy some good conversation with them and a couple from New York City. It is a quadrangle of stone, turreted walls that surrounds a cobbled stone courtyard which is used for military formations.
A detailed index of the elaborately drawn letters, and what each means, is necessary to read the finely crafted Latin script. The rest of us stood looking at the small falls and wondering what we were doing here and if we were really that gullible to come this far to stand around a small falls in a river and pretend that is a momentous natural attraction. And if it is raining or on a misty day, your mind will supply you with a much more interesting picture of what they are and what they might have been used for.

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