Vipassana meditation brings peace of mind to the youth of India, at least around Mumbai, according to the Hindustan Times.
Vipassana is taught over a ten day period (though there are longer retreats) and is open to anyone that wants to practice this type of meditation.
While there is an open duologue with the meditation teacher, silence is observed between the participants. The idea of meditating ten to twelve hours a day for days on end may seem a bit extreme to the uninitiated.
But according to the Hindustan Times young people around Mumbai are embracing Vipassana meditation in order to relieve stress. Another reason for the youth to attend the intense retreat is to develop concentration skills that will help them in their studies and career. Advertising executive Labony Kaushal, 25, admits the only reason she thought of giving Vipassana a shot was to alleviate her boredom. For those who return from their retreat successfully, Hingorrany notices a change in their composition. This entry was posted in How to Meditate, Meditation Benefits, Meditation Help, Meditation Techniques, Types of Meditation and tagged Meditation Benefits, Stress relief, types of meditation, Vipassana meditation, Vipassana Meditation Brings Peace of Mind by Tommyji.
Those who practice yoga would be familiar with the relaxation benefits meditation provides, but science has proven that there are many more benefits to be had from it. Most people have constant worries, thoughts, and concerns floating through their minds throughout the day. Meditation also improves concentration and focus, which of course can help you with studying, your career, and numerous other daily tasks.
So, most people know about the mental and emotional benefits of meditation, but it may not be common knowledge that meditating is also good for the body. In addition, cardiologist Herbert Benson, MD, states, “Any condition that’s caused or worsened by stress can be alleviated through meditation.” This could cover a variety of different conditions including anxiety, high blood pressure, and even premenstrual syndrome. Along with the positive effects on the mind and body, meditation benefits the soul as well, with there being numerous spiritual advantages to meditation. For over 5000 years, the very real benefits of meditation have been heralded by many world religions.
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Meditation is perhaps one of the easiest means of providing yourself a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit your overall health – may it be the physical aspect or your emotional well-being.
Because of this fast-paced era’s demands that pile up one after another, you can easily be overwhelmed by the stress it brings, which can be soothed by meditating. Meditation is not only effective in relieving stress, but also in soothing medical conditions that are worsened by stress.

Meditating sounds simple: you just have to close his or her eyes, breathe deeply, and that’s it!
Focused attention – focusing your attention on something helps one’s mind from many distractions that actually cause stress.
Relaxed breathing – another important element of meditation is this technique, which involves deep and even-paced breathing that uses the diaphragm muscles to expand the lungs. A quiet setting – a peaceful spot with only a few distractions (such as televisions, radios, or cellphones) is perfect for beginners, since it allows them to focus on a specific matter. A comfortable position – you don’t have to do the lotus position if you aren’t used to that and if you find it uncomfortable.
Keep practicing – meditating can be difficult at first, especially when your mind wanders off or you feel sleepy. During this time the practitioner stays at the center, cutting all ties with the outside world. During the first three plus days the focus of practice is, appropriately enough, mental concentration, which is in preparation for formal meditation. In fact at the Vipassana centers around Mumbai, India, (as with all Vipassana centers) there is an evaluation process, like a doctors certificate, required to determine the fitness of the practitioner. In the beginning most students find the meditation practice to seem more like torture instead of the deep inner peace they are seeking. Meditation is a type of mind-body medicine that tends to result in a deep state of tranquility and relaxation. Even if you aren’t aware of it, all this information in your head can cause anxiety and a number of other emotional problems. A thorough scientific study was done, which showed that deep relaxation actually changes the body on a genetic level. Some say that meditation helps them determine what they want in life, and motivates them to define and set goals for themselves. Understanding these four parts can help you.Back To TopReturn from Meditation Benefits To Effective Mind Control Home PageE-Mail Me Your Comments! Please do get professional help, before applying the advice for the treatment of any abnormal behaviors. Basically, you can get it anywhere, and it can reach unbearable levels until the mind takes its toll. Even though some researchers do not believe that one should draw conclusions about the possible health benefits of meditation, there is still a growing body of scientific researches supporting this. By having even-paced breathing, the lungs expand, allowing more oxygen to enter the body and to the brain. Vipassana is described as the essence of the teachings of Buddha, the experience of his teachings, because he attained the experience of the truth in meditation, so meditation is truly the essence of the teaching.

Each day thereafter new practices or steps are introduced, until day ten when the silence ends. They feel themselves very resistant to the forced timetable (like getting up at four or four thirty in the morning), the sparse facilities, instructions of the teacher, all the discipline and even the technique itself. While practicing meditation, you usually try to focus your concentration to help eliminate the constant flow of thoughts that are coursing through your mind, which can cause worry and stress. Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that people who regularly practice relaxation methods on a long-term basis had many more active “disease-fighting genes”, in comparison with those who practiced no forms of relaxation. By relieving some of these conditions, you could also be preventing other more serious diseases. Others say it aids them in being more emotionally present with their children, and less distracted during work. Call us now on 02 6674 3111 to plan your stay and enjoy our popular meditation classes each day! Once it does, even the simplest of activities, like sleeping in the comfort of your bed, can be a struggle.
Just continue practicing and exploring the most fitting and most effective meditative method meant for you.
The tenth day is preparation for reentry into the everyday world, and the course end on the morning of the eleventh day. There is now a deeper understanding of the physical and mental benefits that regular practice of meditation brings, and everyone from CEOs to school teachers to rock stars are doing it. Meditation is extremely popular because it helps relieve many health ailments without the use of medicine, and the best part is it’s free! Meditation allows you to become more self-aware, and thus, helps you better recognise your feelings and desires.
Meditation has been shown to have so many benefits, it’s no wonder the practice has gone from a momentary fad to a legitimate health movement. This is best achieved when the mind is calm and is one of the greatest benefits of meditation because it feeds into better health in general. When you act like this, your mind will stay calm.” But, a purely rational view may not be your objective.

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